Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is Living Infinitely Part 2/3

As I mentioned before, understanding that the soul continues on after death is only the beginning of understanding what it means to Live Infinitely. Living Infinitely is a philosophy of success that dives into the potential of who you can be. Truly Living Infinitely is about discovering your POTENTIAL and unlocking the source of power that leads all to greatness and fulfillment.

What makes a one man seemly succeed with great ease in everything they do, and another man struggles to accomplish the same results? Why do other individuals seemly encounter difficulties in every endeavor they set out on? The primary determiner of the degree of success one encounters in life is due to their method of thinking. Thinking is cause, what happens is the effect. Men and women are an exact product of their thoughts. Therefore, overcoming difficulties, succeeding in life, and accomplishing our goals and dreams will be a direct result of our thoughts, which control our actions bringing about our desired outcome (aka. law of attraction). All of this would be a very easy task if we lived in the universe by ourselves. Instead, we exist in a universe filled with other minds with their own will, seeking their own desires.

How does this discussion then relate to the afterlife and the principle of Living Infinitely? If we accept that we live in a Cosmos, an orderly universe, which our soul continues to after the death of the body, then we must accept some conclusions that we can draw from that. First, there is a greater purpose to our existence. Why would life exist at all within an orderly system if there were not a purpose encompassing it? Second, there are forces at play within our universe greater than our physical environment. The ability for us to live after death depends entirely on a power we do not fully understand. Third, this power we do not fully understand has unlimited creative powers and is omnipresent. If the universe exists as an orderly Cosmos, then there is a supreme Intelligence that has masterminded and created and is connected to everything that exists.

The individual is connected to the universal and Infinite Intelligence by the shear fact of existence. The Old Testament refers to man being in the likeness of God. The Buddhist is encouraged to reach a state of “Bohdi” or enlightenment in which he or she discovers the true nature of reality. The fact that our true nature has a direct connection to the Infinite Intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential. If we have the ability to tap into and communicate with the source of all power, the power from which we come from, then our potential is unlimited only subject to the creativity of our minds.

The last section of our introduction to Living Infinitely will be on the method and application to which we can unlock our potential. The framework has been laid out, and now the practical side of maximizing your life will be discussed in part 3.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is Living Infinitely: Part 1 of 3

What is life about? On our fragile cosmic rock we hurdle through space at enormous rates of speed. Spinning in a giant pinwheel formation around a super massive black hole we travel across the vast reaches of space. The shear size of our universe is beyond our understanding as we look out from our humble perspective and see billions more of these gigantic galaxies. When we look out onto this dynamic universe it puts us in awe of the supernatural like beauty and structure of cosmos. We must thank our brilliant Greek ancestors for the word COSMOS that fittingly describes our universe. Cosmos implies order, orderly arrangement, and a harmonious system and is the adverse of chaos. Understanding the cosmos is about understanding a system that leads us to the Truth.

Is Living Infinitely, living forever? With possibly a few exceptions from religious sources mostly every single person that ever walked the earth has faced death in the physical form. It is one event in our lives that we can be sure will happen. Being that this website is entitled Living Infinitely, it is only appropriate that we address the issue of what happens after our physical life is over. There are two fundamental beliefs on the subject and essentially two main options:

1. There is an afterlife in some form
2. There is no afterlife. That’s it lights out

Evidence for the latter option is compelling. There is no hard scientific evidence to prove that life goes beyond our earthly existence. We have never run out of subjects or cases to scientifically observe as death comes to all. Yet the results are inconclusive.

The first option is even more compelling than the second. There are two main areas of evidence; one can be described as slightly scientific, as it is based upon human observation, the other purely based upon faith. Lets take a look at each.

The first area of research is controversial, as confidence men from all ages have used it to make a quick buck. However, areas of research such as electronic voice phenomenon, astral projection, and out of body experiences have made scientists scratch their heads. This research generally deals with the connection between our physical realm and a hidden spiritual realm. Spiritual experts in the field hold that our level of consciousness vibrates on a higher plane of existence as the human body goes from life to death. Despite progress made in these fields, controversy has shrouded the research in skepticism.

The second major area of research is not scientific at all, but rather based entirely upon FAITH. Usually backed by a religion, this area of evidence has been passed down throughout the centuries in a variety of forms and customs. Most religions hold that life continues after death in one form or another and allow one to tap into an Infinite power either God, Enlightenment, or if you wish simply Infinite Intelligence. The most compelling aspect of faith being answer to our life after death issue is that faith has been proven to contain the power to transform people’s lives on a physical basis as well as spiritual. It has been said when the human spirit loses all hope the result is instant death. Faith has influenced the actions of entire nations, wars, and cultures. Faith has played the largest role in shaping the world into its current state. Faith is not only a property held by the individual, but also the universal. The Catholic Encyclopedia states that faith is both subjective and objective. It is this property of Faith that makes it superlative. Ultimately, faith must be placed in something, whether it is yourself, others, God, or a combination.

Back to the question at hand, do we live forever? Upon looking at the options, between the two choices, I highly recommend the belief that life continues beyond our physical existence. I realize that my brief synopsis of the afterlife is extremely limited in scope and highly encourage everyone to research the subject in detail. However, based upon on two essential options, the belief that life goes on after death provides us with a foundation to establish our personal philosophy based upon COSMOS instead of chaos. It also allows us to have an element of Faith, which continually changes lives with more power than any other concept known to man. Finally, I choose to believe in life after death because it allows us to consciously live without fear with assurance that while on the surface our existence may seem limited, our reality is infinite.

While this may be a part of what Living Infinitely is, it is only the tip of the iceberg into a philosophy that is sure to change your life. Coming soon part 2/3 when we dive more into what it means to Live Infinitely.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

How to Land the Perfect Job

The title of this article may seem a bit strange to many of you, as I recently posted an article entitled “10 Reasons You Should Not Get A Job.” However, while I am a huge supporter of entrepreneurial efforts, I realize there are a few objections. Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur nor should be. This does not mean that living an infinite and abundant life cannot happen. On the contrary many exciting careers await the savvy job seeker. After interviewing a friend of mine that does recruiting for a large corporation, I would like to share some insights on how to land the perfect job.

I will divide job seekers into two major categories. Those entrepreneurial minded individuals looking to gain some experience and those individuals looking for a career within a specified field. We shall address entrepreneurs first. These individuals are looking to eventually own their own companies and typically have aspirations to make heaps of money very quickly. These individuals are typically independent and do not necessarily enjoy being told what to do. The keys to successfully landing the perfect job are as follows:

Small companies are the key. A large company can be good to observe processes and advanced systems, but in general focus on smaller companies.

Focus on jobs that will give you experience not necessarily huge commissions.

Find a job in which you will relate to and get to know the owner very well. Spending “quality” time with the owner will eventually have you thinking the same as a successful business owner.

Find a job that will expand your connections. Opportunities often lie with whom you know not necessarily what you know (as the old cliché goes).

Next we shall address the career minded individuals. These individuals are looking for a career with a solid company. The corporation is a beautiful structure, which enables for high standards of living for entire societies – why not be a part of one? These individuals enjoy having guidance as to where their talents can be utilized. While they may not necessarily like being told what to do, they are invigorated by being around people all day and thrive off the sense of community many corporations offer. The keys to success:

Focus on benefits and perks. Go for the jobs that give you plenty of vacation days, sick days, holidays, and understand you are not a slave. Good corporations make life a lot easier.

Find a job with a good environment. You can sense a companies environment when you walking into the first interview. Notice the level of formalities, organization, and structure of the business. An unhealthy environment will make your life miserable for many years, so make sure you feel its right for you. Meet the people you will work with and be sure they share similar interests.

Work for a company with a good reputation. A company with a good reputation reflects that in the people that work for it. Happy corporation = happy team members.

My advice for both categories of job seekers is to never give up and settle with a life that is not entirely satisfactory. This is the mission of Living Infinitely. Don’t complain – change your situation, living your dream.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Want to Read Your Blog

My favorite blogs are about astronomy, self development, positivity, technology, and jokes. I am interested in expanding my knowledge.

Please comment here and tell me why I should read your blog. This is your chance to put a nice commercial on my web-blog and tell the world why they should become an avid reader of your blog. I am very interested in subscribing to some good blogs out there and expanding my knowledge.

Monday, March 17, 2008

10 Reasons You Should Not Get a Job

Jobs are great, for some. Chances are if you are an entrepreneurial minded individual, the thought of getting a job in the “rat race” seems like a very unappealing idea. Millions of Internet scams out there advertise that you can make 1000s a week just by signing up on their program. The reason they are successful is that many people realize that having their current job is not living out their dream and hope this could be an easy way out. They feel they are not living their fullest. They are not LIVING INFINITELY. However, if you are reading this far, I know a couple of things about you. One, you have enough knowledge to know yourself enough to think “I can enable myself to live a lifestyle on my terms”. Two, you have realized that working for someone else is not working out for you and your ready to explore your options. No need to wait any longer: The top 10 reason why you should not get a job.

10. You don’t like feeling owned. Many people do not like the feeling of being completely owned by another, we intrinsically have a sense of independence. Jobs provide a false sense of “job security.” Job security is not being able to get fired at a moments notice at the will of another.

9. Help the economy. Economies thrive under competitive environments. When imagination and ideas flourish, societies get better. Entrepreneurs help the economy by fighting monopolization with their ingenuity.

8. Your dreams will never come true. Many people do the same activities day- after day (largely because of restrictions from their employer) without hopes of accomplishing their dreams. Do you have a dream of traveling the world, not working everyday, or starting a charitable foundation? Chances are you will not win the lottery, take action today.

7. You are a leader at heart and can make a difference if given the chance. Entrepreneurs are leaders within our society. If you want to make a difference and believe this deep within you, boldly step forward and be an agent of change.

6. Enable self-development. Nothing restricts the development of the self as much as having a harsh employer that sucks the life out of your potential. The mind and body are powerful instruments we have, yet many go through life without a chance to use them to their fullest.

5. You don’t have a boss over your shoulder. Many of us dislike being told what to do. Unfortunately, many face bosses have issues asserting their authority because of some kind of lack of competence, inferiority, and a host of other leadership problems. This typically results in a poor working environment that fosters resentment instead of productivity.

4. Make more money. When I was younger I worked at a country club. Who were the members? Almost every single member (with the exception of a few doctors) was a business owner. Business owners control wealth within our society, you should be one too.

3. Let Capitalism work for you. Our economy is set up to reward risk takers, entrepreneurs, and those with opportunistic drive. Our great country enjoys more economic success across all classes than any other country in the world. Take advantage of the ingenious of “the corporation” and use its benefits to create wealth.

2. Not enough family life. Working for “the man” can bring down your family. Too much work puts strain on relationships. If you do not have enough time to spend with the people you love in this world, be proactive and make a change.

1. Trading time for money on someone else’s terms. Many of the points I have made come back to the point that trading your precious time (you only have one life) for someone else’s money is a system that does not work for them.

There are many create ways of making money and many more yet to be discovered. My dare to you is to take that risk. Those who fail typically say that they did not regret doing so even if they end up back at work for someone else.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Living Life Like a Website

Time to get to know yourself.

What type of person are you on the Internet?

People spend a lot of time on the web these days. Surfing the Internet is the new stroll down Main Street. Thousands of individuals spend a good deal of their time searching endlessly through the great World Wide Web while sitting at their desk at work. Businessmen have a new tool – a playground to launch ideas and conduct commerce. Lovers now meet via web and some conduct their relationships entirely over cyberspace. In some ways the Internet has become more of our reality than our physical environment. My question to you is this: Do you conduct your life the same on the web as you do in the non-digital realm?

What do you seek? Think about what you have searched for on the Internet in the last week. Were you scanning Paris Hilton celebrity blogs, checking the stocks, analyzing political debates, reading jokes, playing games, seeking to improve yourself at Living Infinitely? Where your attention dwells is the person you are. Look at your history over the last week and you will see a beautifully painted self-portrait. Analyzing my own history, its hard not to feel that I spent too much time wasting time (everybody needs to relax now and then). Here we can very plainly see the contrast between the person you aspire to be and the person you really are. Even as I write this I am MOTIVATED to seek out more sites and topics congruent with my goals. When you seek and search the Internet do so as not as the person you are, but as the person you know you can be.

Do you have a website or a blog? If you have a website then you have a perfect vehicle for personal development and creating a better you. What is your website about? No one makes a website about something that they don’t care about. Your dominant thoughts represent who you are – your website is mostly likely about thoughts that matter to us. The great thing about websites is that people lose their fear when they are safely sitting at their computer desk. It is my experience that individuals are less afraid of judgment and okay with taking risks online. If we live in such as way online, why not take the same risks in real life. I make it a habit to try and “Live the Dream” online and offline. Many bloggers surf around commenting on each other’s blogs – many times to complete strangers. What if you lived your life like that? Compliment someone this week that you don’t know. Online you are not afraid of other people giving useful comments and compliments offline should be the same.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Intention: The Beginning of Wealth

Intention begins with desire. The stronger we desire something, the stronger our intentions instigate an attraction to the desired object and bring it to reality. Therefore, our deepest desires can be made a reality in our lives through our intentions. Many people speak of dreams and imagination being the creator of wealth, health, happiness, and whatever else your heart may desire. Dreams and imagination are important, serving as a foundation. However, our desire and intention are the missing elements that many fail to incorporate into their dreams and in-turn fail to change their lives

Many advocates of the law of attraction draw a large audience by stating that no plan or strategy is require in creating personal wealth (we will use wealth here in any sense you wish monetary or otherwise). These individuals are missing a key point of intention – the bridge between our realities and our dreams. Since we were kids we have heard about wishing upon stars, genies in magic lamps, and to generally to never let go of our dreams. At early ages many of us are strongly influenced by voices telling us our dreams are out of reach. When we grow older into our teens and early adulthood we lose much of our ambitious thoughts when realize that things are not as easy as we thought. A great many people dream of being rich, famous or a host of other goals, yet those that obtain tremendous results have found on the inside what it takes to be truly wealthy. The meeting point between results and dreams is INTENTION and it is my pleasure to assist you in generating strong intentions that deliver.

As I mentioned before creating intention truly begins with a definite burning desire. I say the word DESIRE because it is stronger than a mere dream or wish. When desire becomes cultivated to become an action it can be described as our intention. It is the missing link in many self-improvement and mind management writings. Here is why. When our dreams become strong enough to be called desires the intention usually takes care of itself. In a process that can be only described as super-natural (although it clearly happens often in everyday life) the plans and strategy to accomplish your dreams become spontaneously apparent. The process can take days or possibly months, but once the principles of harnessing this great power are mastered, the results are staggering.

Success comes easily to highly developed success conscious individuals. Have you ever met these individuals? It seems every venture they partake in brings about some form of success sometimes in ways greater than they expected. Success cloaks them like a super-hero’s cape and steers them from difficulties. They use the power of intention to steer their actions and formulate PLANS for achievement. Their intention stems from an intense desire to become who they will to be. Nothing is forced, but rather attracted through the mindset. With diligence and practice the mind hones its abilities making the process easier and easier multiplying the results.

Therefore, the question must be asked how do we go from dreams to intentions to definite plans. Three ways have brought proven results.

1. REPETITION in programming the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind interprets what we tell it as absolute and programs our body on how to respond. We can influence our subconscious mind by repetition. If you constantly hear something, you accept it as truth. Write down what you want to accomplish. Set a dollar amount, a house, a car, a state of mind, ect. Do this in the positive, I will ________ (fill in blank). Do not do this in the negative or the opposite will come true (example: I don’t want to be broke).

2. EMOTION in belief. Our centers of emotion some of our most powerful assets. If you do not believe me study the life of an artist. Many artists are deeply moved by emotional states to create great works beyond average human capacity. Our positive emotions (sometimes negative too) can be directed to help accomplish our goals and enable our intentions. Emotion gives legs intention.

3. PERSISTANCE in application. The techniques will come to some more naturally then others. However, persistence of these principles WILL secure the desired result. Once you have formulated your plans and begun to see them through be persistent in your intention and strategy. If you fail to accomplish your goals the first time, then your plans were not sound. Be persistent and try again. Each time you “fail” it plants a seed of success for later.

The preceding are not beliefs of an odd religion, but rather laws that govern our universe. They can be applied and master by anybody with the capable mind to receive them. I have used these laws of intention to manifest great things in my personal life including businesses producing cash flow, put ideas into motion, and created some fantastic relationships. Currently, one of my goals is to intend visitor to come and enjoy my website Living Infinitely in hopes we can share knowledge about what works in life and how to maximize our potential. So far it has been working, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Why You Should Turn Your Cell Phone Off For 1 Hour per Day

Turn off my Cell for ONE Hour!?!

No vibrate, no silent ring, no messages. Period.

Oh yes and it can’t be in the morning that’s cheating.

Why would I tell you to turn your cell phone off for one hour per day? Being the owner of a cell phone store and a website that sells GSM phones it does not make a lot of sense for me to tell you to turn off you cell phone. I even support people wearing Bluetooth devices; they are tremendous assets that assist business professionals and people on the go everywhere in the world. Cell phones have changed the world. The speed of business has grown exponentially and productivity has soared to unbelievable heights with our state-of-the-art handsets (technical talk for cell phone or mobile device). SMS, EMS, MMS, and other messaging systems enable individuals (millennials mostly) to send short text messages to give directions, mass greetings, or spread gossip among friends. Wireless communications has greatly enriched our lives. However, I am here to tell you that you NEED to turn your cell phone off for one hour every day. Here are my reasons why:

1. Cell phones create stress. Think about nobody being able to call you for a whole hour. Will you lose business? They can still leave a message. Ask yourself this question: If you lived a slower life style with less stress would you be less financially secure? Except in extreme cases I find the opposite to be true. Wealthy individuals are calmer and have less stress than those with fewer assets.

2. Work smarter not harder. Leverage is far more productive than attempting to conquer the world yourself. Turning off your cell phone will teach you the art of leveraging your time to work for you. By turning off your cell phone, you actually create more demand for yourself because there is less supply for others to constantly tap into. Do this too much, and it’s a bad policy, but just enough leverage can increase your productivity.

3. Help eliminate procrastination. The constant ring of the telephone makes it easy for us to avoid the tasks we need to take care of. Turning it off will help you regroup, organize, and execute your plans with ease.

4. The last and most important reason to turn off your cell phone is that it will allow you to THINK. Thinking is the most important task we can do and nothing is more powerful then our creative thoughts. Take this time to plan your next moves, formulate your strategies, and reflect on the past actions.