Friday, March 7, 2008

Why You Should Turn Your Cell Phone Off For 1 Hour per Day

Turn off my Cell for ONE Hour!?!

No vibrate, no silent ring, no messages. Period.

Oh yes and it can’t be in the morning that’s cheating.

Why would I tell you to turn your cell phone off for one hour per day? Being the owner of a cell phone store and a website that sells GSM phones it does not make a lot of sense for me to tell you to turn off you cell phone. I even support people wearing Bluetooth devices; they are tremendous assets that assist business professionals and people on the go everywhere in the world. Cell phones have changed the world. The speed of business has grown exponentially and productivity has soared to unbelievable heights with our state-of-the-art handsets (technical talk for cell phone or mobile device). SMS, EMS, MMS, and other messaging systems enable individuals (millennials mostly) to send short text messages to give directions, mass greetings, or spread gossip among friends. Wireless communications has greatly enriched our lives. However, I am here to tell you that you NEED to turn your cell phone off for one hour every day. Here are my reasons why:

1. Cell phones create stress. Think about nobody being able to call you for a whole hour. Will you lose business? They can still leave a message. Ask yourself this question: If you lived a slower life style with less stress would you be less financially secure? Except in extreme cases I find the opposite to be true. Wealthy individuals are calmer and have less stress than those with fewer assets.

2. Work smarter not harder. Leverage is far more productive than attempting to conquer the world yourself. Turning off your cell phone will teach you the art of leveraging your time to work for you. By turning off your cell phone, you actually create more demand for yourself because there is less supply for others to constantly tap into. Do this too much, and it’s a bad policy, but just enough leverage can increase your productivity.

3. Help eliminate procrastination. The constant ring of the telephone makes it easy for us to avoid the tasks we need to take care of. Turning it off will help you regroup, organize, and execute your plans with ease.

4. The last and most important reason to turn off your cell phone is that it will allow you to THINK. Thinking is the most important task we can do and nothing is more powerful then our creative thoughts. Take this time to plan your next moves, formulate your strategies, and reflect on the past actions.


J Sherer said...

Shutting off the cell phone for an hour a day is a great idea. I've got a long drive to work, so one thing I've been intentional about lately is listening to classical music. It's really cool because it allows me to do two things: 1) Think about stories and develop plot lines and characters (as a writer) and 2) Pray.

Both of those things are really important to me, and it relaxes me to really get a jump on my day, making me more effective in the long run.

Reverse Cell Phone Look Up said...

What a great post - I would have never thought of turning your cell off for just an hour a day could have those effects.