Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I love the word Affluence. The name rings synonymously with Living Infinitely. Living in a state of affluence means living a fulfilled life not only from the level of the soul, but at the level of mind and body as well.

Affluence is a state of mind that is brought about by knowledge. When one understands and is conscious of the knowledge of affluence, wealth will most certainly manifest itself in life. Affluence within the realm of physical wealth comes from having a money conscious. In this article I will talk about the perplexing qualities of affluence. In understanding the concepts presented in this article, a money conscious is sure to develop.

Rich people do things differently than poor people do. It is often difficult for a person raised up poor to become very rich, mainly because they think differently than the rich person. Rich people have the money conscious. If you spend a lot of time with a wealthy person you too could develop the money conscious, this is why the children of rich people often remain very rich and often get richer. These few perplexing qualities of affluence may help you understand their secrets.

1. Affluence is created by giving. A sales person gives their service, the shopkeeper their goods, and the artist his talents. The more you give, the more you get back. It is the law of the universe. See the “Parable of the Talents” (Matthew 25:14-30)

2. The Affluent make money work for them. In another form of giving the very rich always understand how to make money their ally. In the process of lending, investing, and donating (all forms of giving) riches will begin to give themselves on your behalf! Abundance will inevitably return to the giver who gives lavishly.

3. The Affluent understands that there is always opportunity. The universe operates on a field of pure potential with opportunities ready to make themselves known. The opportunity will be created for the person who never gives up faith and persistence.

4. The Affluent are detached from their riches. Some of the greatest contributors to betterment our country have been men and women of exceedingly great wealth. However, these men and women did not pack all their savings under their mattresses. While the rich think about money often and understand its importance, they also understand its properties. The poor think about money in such a way they become attached to it. The money remains forever elusive.

5. Affluence creates more affluence.

Affluence is not necessarily good from a utilitarian standpoint. Many have used a wealth conscious for ill purposes. Heeding this warning, please understand that principles of affluence will begin to train your mind to work in way that can bring great fulfillment to life. The very knowledge of understanding how the principles behind affluence work is enough to begin your journey.

Beautiful Picture by Clive L

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Receiving Station

Being the proud owner of a cellular phone store I happen to be overly interested in obscure things like radio signals. Radio signals enable us to communicate from across the globe. I often spend my days on cell phones communicating with businesses and friends on the other side of the nation. Amazing! These invisible signals travel across entire nation to communicate with another human being. The power of these man-made electronic devices is astounding as they are able to transmit and receive invisible waves of information beyond our immediate comprehension. Imagine now, how much more powerful our brain can be.

Often in Living Infinitely, we look at the transmitting side of the brain. The thoughts, which subsequently become actions, we transmit into the world become our reality. The power of thought is infinitely more powerful than the cell phone. The very cell phone we speak of is a product of thought. Today however, we will discuss the receiving station of our brain.

Just like a cell phone our brain is constantly transmitting and receiving signals. The thoughts that we constantly think about are what we become. The famous saying from the Old Testament says, “As a Man Thinketh so He is.” There is no doubt the dominating thoughts of an individual shape the destiny and future of that individual. However, it is equally true that the brain acts as a receiving station.

The thoughts that we are constantly fed are accepted by the subconscious mind as fact. We live our lives largely based upon what has already been established by this part of the mind. The result of this can be readily observed in children from different families. Many a broken child has been created by parents constantly telling their children they are not good enough, smart enough, too fat, too skinny, and a host of other negative seeds constantly planted into the brain.

Powerful transmitters include music, television, books, blogs, and friends. Pay attention to the images, sounds, and emotions that are being transmitted to you. The constant bombardment of other thoughts making their way into your brain is not to be taken lightly! These images, sounds, and emotions make their way unnoticed into the automatic processes in the brain. The invisible soldiers make their way into your mind and march through your brain, gradually setting up camp and surrounding your actions. This army can serve as a tremendous asset and be a devastating foe.

What are you feeding your mind?

Beautiful image thanks to Yanning Van deWouwer