Saturday, March 15, 2008

Living Life Like a Website

Time to get to know yourself.

What type of person are you on the Internet?

People spend a lot of time on the web these days. Surfing the Internet is the new stroll down Main Street. Thousands of individuals spend a good deal of their time searching endlessly through the great World Wide Web while sitting at their desk at work. Businessmen have a new tool – a playground to launch ideas and conduct commerce. Lovers now meet via web and some conduct their relationships entirely over cyberspace. In some ways the Internet has become more of our reality than our physical environment. My question to you is this: Do you conduct your life the same on the web as you do in the non-digital realm?

What do you seek? Think about what you have searched for on the Internet in the last week. Were you scanning Paris Hilton celebrity blogs, checking the stocks, analyzing political debates, reading jokes, playing games, seeking to improve yourself at Living Infinitely? Where your attention dwells is the person you are. Look at your history over the last week and you will see a beautifully painted self-portrait. Analyzing my own history, its hard not to feel that I spent too much time wasting time (everybody needs to relax now and then). Here we can very plainly see the contrast between the person you aspire to be and the person you really are. Even as I write this I am MOTIVATED to seek out more sites and topics congruent with my goals. When you seek and search the Internet do so as not as the person you are, but as the person you know you can be.

Do you have a website or a blog? If you have a website then you have a perfect vehicle for personal development and creating a better you. What is your website about? No one makes a website about something that they don’t care about. Your dominant thoughts represent who you are – your website is mostly likely about thoughts that matter to us. The great thing about websites is that people lose their fear when they are safely sitting at their computer desk. It is my experience that individuals are less afraid of judgment and okay with taking risks online. If we live in such as way online, why not take the same risks in real life. I make it a habit to try and “Live the Dream” online and offline. Many bloggers surf around commenting on each other’s blogs – many times to complete strangers. What if you lived your life like that? Compliment someone this week that you don’t know. Online you are not afraid of other people giving useful comments and compliments offline should be the same.


Bob Johnson said...

Hey the world would be a better place if we treated each other with a nice comment or two a day to a total stranger like we do online.

Remember libraries? my wife use to order books all the time from our downtown one, with the internet, not so much any more.

I play video games, one thing I've noticed, they have stopped producing racing games where 2 real people can play together in the same house, a lot of the racing games only have multiplayer online racing, again promoting the virtual world instead of the face to face real world, shape of things to come.

Spirited Strider said...

Nice post and certainly something for us to think about. I like to think that I conduct myself online in the same way as I do offline. The difference is that I can reach out and touch more people through the internet. I do prefer the actual human touch, though. :)

Sherer said...

My hope is that people don't hide behind a computer and use it as a tool of destruction, but rather they use it to build a better world with better relationships