Thursday, March 20, 2008

How to Land the Perfect Job

The title of this article may seem a bit strange to many of you, as I recently posted an article entitled “10 Reasons You Should Not Get A Job.” However, while I am a huge supporter of entrepreneurial efforts, I realize there are a few objections. Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur nor should be. This does not mean that living an infinite and abundant life cannot happen. On the contrary many exciting careers await the savvy job seeker. After interviewing a friend of mine that does recruiting for a large corporation, I would like to share some insights on how to land the perfect job.

I will divide job seekers into two major categories. Those entrepreneurial minded individuals looking to gain some experience and those individuals looking for a career within a specified field. We shall address entrepreneurs first. These individuals are looking to eventually own their own companies and typically have aspirations to make heaps of money very quickly. These individuals are typically independent and do not necessarily enjoy being told what to do. The keys to successfully landing the perfect job are as follows:

Small companies are the key. A large company can be good to observe processes and advanced systems, but in general focus on smaller companies.

Focus on jobs that will give you experience not necessarily huge commissions.

Find a job in which you will relate to and get to know the owner very well. Spending “quality” time with the owner will eventually have you thinking the same as a successful business owner.

Find a job that will expand your connections. Opportunities often lie with whom you know not necessarily what you know (as the old cliché goes).

Next we shall address the career minded individuals. These individuals are looking for a career with a solid company. The corporation is a beautiful structure, which enables for high standards of living for entire societies – why not be a part of one? These individuals enjoy having guidance as to where their talents can be utilized. While they may not necessarily like being told what to do, they are invigorated by being around people all day and thrive off the sense of community many corporations offer. The keys to success:

Focus on benefits and perks. Go for the jobs that give you plenty of vacation days, sick days, holidays, and understand you are not a slave. Good corporations make life a lot easier.

Find a job with a good environment. You can sense a companies environment when you walking into the first interview. Notice the level of formalities, organization, and structure of the business. An unhealthy environment will make your life miserable for many years, so make sure you feel its right for you. Meet the people you will work with and be sure they share similar interests.

Work for a company with a good reputation. A company with a good reputation reflects that in the people that work for it. Happy corporation = happy team members.

My advice for both categories of job seekers is to never give up and settle with a life that is not entirely satisfactory. This is the mission of Living Infinitely. Don’t complain – change your situation, living your dream.


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