Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Intention: The Beginning of Wealth

Intention begins with desire. The stronger we desire something, the stronger our intentions instigate an attraction to the desired object and bring it to reality. Therefore, our deepest desires can be made a reality in our lives through our intentions. Many people speak of dreams and imagination being the creator of wealth, health, happiness, and whatever else your heart may desire. Dreams and imagination are important, serving as a foundation. However, our desire and intention are the missing elements that many fail to incorporate into their dreams and in-turn fail to change their lives

Many advocates of the law of attraction draw a large audience by stating that no plan or strategy is require in creating personal wealth (we will use wealth here in any sense you wish monetary or otherwise). These individuals are missing a key point of intention – the bridge between our realities and our dreams. Since we were kids we have heard about wishing upon stars, genies in magic lamps, and to generally to never let go of our dreams. At early ages many of us are strongly influenced by voices telling us our dreams are out of reach. When we grow older into our teens and early adulthood we lose much of our ambitious thoughts when realize that things are not as easy as we thought. A great many people dream of being rich, famous or a host of other goals, yet those that obtain tremendous results have found on the inside what it takes to be truly wealthy. The meeting point between results and dreams is INTENTION and it is my pleasure to assist you in generating strong intentions that deliver.

As I mentioned before creating intention truly begins with a definite burning desire. I say the word DESIRE because it is stronger than a mere dream or wish. When desire becomes cultivated to become an action it can be described as our intention. It is the missing link in many self-improvement and mind management writings. Here is why. When our dreams become strong enough to be called desires the intention usually takes care of itself. In a process that can be only described as super-natural (although it clearly happens often in everyday life) the plans and strategy to accomplish your dreams become spontaneously apparent. The process can take days or possibly months, but once the principles of harnessing this great power are mastered, the results are staggering.

Success comes easily to highly developed success conscious individuals. Have you ever met these individuals? It seems every venture they partake in brings about some form of success sometimes in ways greater than they expected. Success cloaks them like a super-hero’s cape and steers them from difficulties. They use the power of intention to steer their actions and formulate PLANS for achievement. Their intention stems from an intense desire to become who they will to be. Nothing is forced, but rather attracted through the mindset. With diligence and practice the mind hones its abilities making the process easier and easier multiplying the results.

Therefore, the question must be asked how do we go from dreams to intentions to definite plans. Three ways have brought proven results.

1. REPETITION in programming the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind interprets what we tell it as absolute and programs our body on how to respond. We can influence our subconscious mind by repetition. If you constantly hear something, you accept it as truth. Write down what you want to accomplish. Set a dollar amount, a house, a car, a state of mind, ect. Do this in the positive, I will ________ (fill in blank). Do not do this in the negative or the opposite will come true (example: I don’t want to be broke).

2. EMOTION in belief. Our centers of emotion some of our most powerful assets. If you do not believe me study the life of an artist. Many artists are deeply moved by emotional states to create great works beyond average human capacity. Our positive emotions (sometimes negative too) can be directed to help accomplish our goals and enable our intentions. Emotion gives legs intention.

3. PERSISTANCE in application. The techniques will come to some more naturally then others. However, persistence of these principles WILL secure the desired result. Once you have formulated your plans and begun to see them through be persistent in your intention and strategy. If you fail to accomplish your goals the first time, then your plans were not sound. Be persistent and try again. Each time you “fail” it plants a seed of success for later.

The preceding are not beliefs of an odd religion, but rather laws that govern our universe. They can be applied and master by anybody with the capable mind to receive them. I have used these laws of intention to manifest great things in my personal life including businesses producing cash flow, put ideas into motion, and created some fantastic relationships. Currently, one of my goals is to intend visitor to come and enjoy my website Living Infinitely in hopes we can share knowledge about what works in life and how to maximize our potential. So far it has been working, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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Well Said

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This was fascinating to read and I love your writing style.