Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Want to Read Your Blog

My favorite blogs are about astronomy, self development, positivity, technology, and jokes. I am interested in expanding my knowledge.

Please comment here and tell me why I should read your blog. This is your chance to put a nice commercial on my web-blog and tell the world why they should become an avid reader of your blog. I am very interested in subscribing to some good blogs out there and expanding my knowledge.


Bob Johnson said...

Just stopping by to thank you for dropping by and reading my blog, also how much I appreciate yours

Sherer said...

Everyone stopping by should read Bob Johnson's blog (one of my favorites)- as much as everyone loves seeing pictures from the hubble space telescope, there is something eternal about looking at the heavens from our own perspective. Bob is an amateur space photographer, and his work is amazing.

Neerav Bhatt said...

Hi Jim

I suggest that you join and indicate that your interests are astronomy etc

It's a great way of finding new interesting websites.

My profile there is and I found the amazing program celestia using stumbleupon

J Sherer said...

I have a blog titled "Constructing Stories." It doesn't relate to any of the categories you've talked about, but it does cover methods of writing that writers utilize to captivate readers.

We analyze plot structure, characters, scenes, dialogue, and wordplay in order to determine what makes for good writing. Check it out at:

Oh, and we have "Writer Interviews," too!

Sherer said...

J, Thank you for visiting. J Sherer has one of my favorite websites. He is a well known author, when he is not a marketing strategist in the corporate banking world. Not to mention he is a great brother too. Check out his site