Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Leadership Aura

An aura, as defined by the parapsychology association, is a subtle field of luminous multicolored radiation surrounding a person or an object as a cocoon or a halo. Now I don’t know anything about a radiation field of dancing lights or psychedelic beams emitting from enlightened individuals, but I do know that when you are around certain people their presence can be strongly felt. A combination of psychology, physiology, and our perception must all contribute to this phenomenon, but it is certain that individuals can exhibit power, knowledge, and leadership simply by this unseen force field described as an aura. Here are a few examples of individuals with very powerful auras.

Tiger Woods: The leading sports figure in the world. His competitors, fans, and all surrounding him feel his presence.

Saddam Hussein: While his moral decisions as a leader may be questionable his leadership aura is superb. When seen walking the streets of Baghdad with numerous followers flocking - no one questions who is leading the pack.

Ronald Reagan: Most American presidents exhibit great power in their presence. Ronald Reagan could demand the respect of an entire room just by being in, even if he was not speaking.

Donald Trump: Often sprawling out and making himself as comfortable as possible, Donald Trump shows an aura of no fear and complete control. How would not do a business deal with a man displaying this kind of power?

Physical size may play a small part in displaying this leadership aura. There is no question that our physical stature demands some form of respect from those that associate with us. However, this effect is very small, here are some examples of those with a smaller stature that have a strong aura.

Napoleon Bonaparte: While his exact height is not certain, reports have stated his height to be between 5 ft 2 and 5 ft 6. Certainly no one would argue that Napoleon’s presence could be felt as he commanded the respect of entire armies conquering most of the known world.

Audrey Hepburn: The feminie presence does not have the same effect as the masculine, but non-the less can be equally powerful. A woman like Audrey Hepburn, small in frame and statue, could demand the attention of any audience with her simple grace and natural beauty.

Developing the Leadership Aura

The leadership Aura cannot be bought, ascribed, or given, it comes from within. Our physical and social surroundings can assist us. The clothes we wear send out a message to the world just like our aura and can assist us in bring out our aura. The CEO of the largest company would still exhibit a strong aura even in casual clothing, but even more in a full suit. The people we associate are perhaps the greatest way to either boost your leadership aura, or dimish it to nothing. Some friends encourge us consistantly making us better building positive relationships. Other negative influences remind us of our insecurities and cause us to shrink within. However, develop a strong enough leadership aura and these people will not oppose you or associate with you.

Meditiate upon the kind of person you want to be. Think of heroes you would like to emulate. See yourself taking on these attributes and acting with them. What you have on the inside will establish itself on the outside. Your can be said to be your inner qualities shinning through. Work on these inner qualities by improving your attitude. Be positive, be vigilante, be strong and these attribute will empower others around you simply by your presence.

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