Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is Living Infinitely: Part 1 of 3

What is life about? On our fragile cosmic rock we hurdle through space at enormous rates of speed. Spinning in a giant pinwheel formation around a super massive black hole we travel across the vast reaches of space. The shear size of our universe is beyond our understanding as we look out from our humble perspective and see billions more of these gigantic galaxies. When we look out onto this dynamic universe it puts us in awe of the supernatural like beauty and structure of cosmos. We must thank our brilliant Greek ancestors for the word COSMOS that fittingly describes our universe. Cosmos implies order, orderly arrangement, and a harmonious system and is the adverse of chaos. Understanding the cosmos is about understanding a system that leads us to the Truth.

Is Living Infinitely, living forever? With possibly a few exceptions from religious sources mostly every single person that ever walked the earth has faced death in the physical form. It is one event in our lives that we can be sure will happen. Being that this website is entitled Living Infinitely, it is only appropriate that we address the issue of what happens after our physical life is over. There are two fundamental beliefs on the subject and essentially two main options:

1. There is an afterlife in some form
2. There is no afterlife. That’s it lights out

Evidence for the latter option is compelling. There is no hard scientific evidence to prove that life goes beyond our earthly existence. We have never run out of subjects or cases to scientifically observe as death comes to all. Yet the results are inconclusive.

The first option is even more compelling than the second. There are two main areas of evidence; one can be described as slightly scientific, as it is based upon human observation, the other purely based upon faith. Lets take a look at each.

The first area of research is controversial, as confidence men from all ages have used it to make a quick buck. However, areas of research such as electronic voice phenomenon, astral projection, and out of body experiences have made scientists scratch their heads. This research generally deals with the connection between our physical realm and a hidden spiritual realm. Spiritual experts in the field hold that our level of consciousness vibrates on a higher plane of existence as the human body goes from life to death. Despite progress made in these fields, controversy has shrouded the research in skepticism.

The second major area of research is not scientific at all, but rather based entirely upon FAITH. Usually backed by a religion, this area of evidence has been passed down throughout the centuries in a variety of forms and customs. Most religions hold that life continues after death in one form or another and allow one to tap into an Infinite power either God, Enlightenment, or if you wish simply Infinite Intelligence. The most compelling aspect of faith being answer to our life after death issue is that faith has been proven to contain the power to transform people’s lives on a physical basis as well as spiritual. It has been said when the human spirit loses all hope the result is instant death. Faith has influenced the actions of entire nations, wars, and cultures. Faith has played the largest role in shaping the world into its current state. Faith is not only a property held by the individual, but also the universal. The Catholic Encyclopedia states that faith is both subjective and objective. It is this property of Faith that makes it superlative. Ultimately, faith must be placed in something, whether it is yourself, others, God, or a combination.

Back to the question at hand, do we live forever? Upon looking at the options, between the two choices, I highly recommend the belief that life continues beyond our physical existence. I realize that my brief synopsis of the afterlife is extremely limited in scope and highly encourage everyone to research the subject in detail. However, based upon on two essential options, the belief that life goes on after death provides us with a foundation to establish our personal philosophy based upon COSMOS instead of chaos. It also allows us to have an element of Faith, which continually changes lives with more power than any other concept known to man. Finally, I choose to believe in life after death because it allows us to consciously live without fear with assurance that while on the surface our existence may seem limited, our reality is infinite.

While this may be a part of what Living Infinitely is, it is only the tip of the iceberg into a philosophy that is sure to change your life. Coming soon part 2/3 when we dive more into what it means to Live Infinitely.


Bob Johnson said...

Great post, especially the first paragraph,lol, looking forward to parts 2 and 3

Sherer said...

Thanks bob, Part 2 and 3 will be the best part!