Friday, December 12, 2008

Subconscious Cruise Control

No matter what field or area of life, when one truly does something well, they make it look EASY. Notice a professional golfer smack a 300 yard drive, a basketball player leap over their opponent for a dunk, an amazing speaker deliver their message, or a Olympic athlete in their given sport. Everything done well is done in a manner that makes it look as if they are performing with ease.

Now lets take the flipside. Imagine a struggling salesperson working every angle to make a sale only to be continually let down, a physically out of shape individual hitting the gym for the first time, or perhaps a nervous schoolteacher giving their first lesson. These individuals may be saying the same words, imitating the exact same actions, and even thinking about the same desired outcome, however, they fail to match the level of performance. While their conscious mind may be prepared for the task, their subconscious system (which regulates the body, works 24 hours a day, balances your steps, and does million other activities at the same time) is not as programmed as the expert.

Playing the piano has blessed me with the knowledge of the working power of the subconscious mind. Any piano player would not be able to consciously understand every note they are playing without the tremendous assistance of the subconscious mind. In fact sometimes it feels like the more you let go and let your subconscious take over, the easier it is!

Therefore, remember this when setting out on your goals. Your method of thinking is the starting point for all achievement. The thoughts and emotions you allow to enter your mind will find their way to your subconscious. The tasks you then embark on will either be filled with ease or burdened with difficulty. Happy Holidays.


Drowsey Monkey said...

Wise words.

You play beautifully :)

Caroline said...

Jesse!!! My jaw is on the floor! You play beautifully...what a great surprise! I am only allowing myself 1 blog to visit today and I just knew you would have something good waiting. What a way to drive the message home! I know I have struggled in the past--I did very well in my career but I was never felt right. I am in a great place now---just following what "feels" good. It's all about being honest with yourself... Thank you for this wonderful post today!

Sherer said...


Pleasure to have you stop by. Thank you very much.


Sherer said...


I am full of surprises. Sounds like your having a case of bloggin overload, I am honored you stopped by.

It seems to be amazing what people can do when they follow what "feels good" instead of fighting the current. Tremendous thanks and Happy Holidays.


Bob Johnson said...

Awesome playing Jesse!! We should get together someday and jam. Excellent analogy with music and how we can apply it to everyday life, just let it flow, don't fight it and you'd be surprised what happens.

Although it's taken many years, for me anyways to program my music in my mind, the stuff that puts it over the top is just letting go, learning to somehow not sweat the small stuff, which so often are our main burdens which take over without us even knowing.

ps I have a Charlie Brown Christmas CD which I listen to over and over again this time of year.

Beautiful and timely post Jesse.

miruspeg said...

You do play beautifully Sherer, you look so happy and relaxed playing.

I absolutely agree with your 'Subconscious Cruise Control'....very visual title. I am enjoying getting to know my subconscious and 'sixth sense' better.

Yours posts always give me 'food for thought'.

Kind regards

Sherer said...


Thank you for the kind words. I love playing the piano - I would be honored to jam with you sometime.

One of my favorite singers is Jack Johnson. He sings a song and says, "what is the purpose of my life if not to let it go." We make things hard.... Even the hard stuff can be made easy when approached in the right way.

Happy holidays to you Bob, I have gained much from know you.


Sherer said...


I forgot, good call on the Charlie Brown Christmas. I just bought the Vince Gauraldi song book! Very excellent ear - especailly with my "added" nonsense.


Sherer said...


Thank you very much for your kind words. I actually was very happy and relaxed when playing this - its kinda my style!

I can tell someone such as your self knows and understand the facilities one may call the six sense.

Happy holidays to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Love the playing ! I play piano too so I know what you mean about being in the 'zone' where your subconscious is doing most of the work and you get to have fun as you play.

What I would say though is that there is one thing that all these experts do (and you must have done at some point, like me) and that is PRACTICE! When we see successful people (musicians, golfers - millionaires) we think it is some lucky fluke - but it is due to consistent practice. And it's easy when it is something you love doing.

I think of an earlier post. Decide who you are - and be that person. Part of that is practice!

Sherer said...

Healing Stones,

You make a valid point! Someone could not easily sit down and play a piano if they had not practiced to the point of some excellence.

However, when in the act of practicing for top level performance I believe it to be important to train our conscious thought to continually impress the subconscious mind making our objectives come aobut with a greater level of ease. Like you said define yourself - be it - (unless you define yourself as exactly who you are "right now" without any significant improvements, it will take practice to become that person).

Thanks for the comment - I love the comments that spur on some conversation.



Wow! I am trying to get over that on top of everything else you play the piano so beautifully and yes, you make it look easy. I am so impressed-what else do you have up your sleeve for us to enjoy?!

Sherer said...


I may just have a few more tricks up my sleeve, but that is all they are tricks :) Thanks for the kind comment I appreciate, Happy holidays to you and your family.


Anonymous said...


Swubird said...

Chucked full of wisdom my friend. You might say that a journey of 6,000 miles began with a thought.

Happy trails.


Stop by and read bout A Christmas Mystery.

Sherer said...


A Christmas Mystery I can't wait!

Thank you for stopping by sir.