Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Ever see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Indiana’s third challenge before he is able to find the Holy Grail is to cross a giant bottomless chasm. Looking down at the abyss below, Indiana knows he needs to take a leap of faith.

This Leap of Faith is the key to success for every entrepreneur. Most people spend a lifetime of daydreaming about the entrepreneurial lifestyle because they are too afraid of this daunting first step. Instead they keep plugging along at their day job thinking “I’ll wait until the time is right, yes that is the smart thing to do.” To those who continually put off the dream, let me ask you what is more risky: possible loss of money (in many cases (OPM) other people’s money), or possible loss of the life you dream of? Without the first step, the dream will never be yours. It takes COURAGE, DETERMINATION, and DESIRE.

The moment you decide to take the step there is no turning back. However, your success is guaranteed if you have COURAGE, DETERMINATION, and DESIRE. Being human, we will have self doubt and fear, but these enemies must be dispelled. This is the only really enemy you have, if you learn to shun these irrational fears, success WILL come 100% of the time in whatever endeavor you choose. This is scientific fact not a clever message intended to inspire others (although it is my hope that it will).

The Leap of Faith is the first and most powerful blow against our enemies of fear. Look back on your life and try to remember difficult times that you overcame. In many of these circumstances you will look back and say, I wish I did not worry as much as I did. Take the step. Have FAITH. Take the step.

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