Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Leadership Aura

An aura, as defined by the parapsychology association, is a subtle field of luminous multicolored radiation surrounding a person or an object as a cocoon or a halo. Now I don’t know anything about a radiation field of dancing lights or psychedelic beams emitting from enlightened individuals, but I do know that when you are around certain people their presence can be strongly felt. A combination of psychology, physiology, and our perception must all contribute to this phenomenon, but it is certain that individuals can exhibit power, knowledge, and leadership simply by this unseen force field described as an aura. Here are a few examples of individuals with very powerful auras.

Tiger Woods: The leading sports figure in the world. His competitors, fans, and all surrounding him feel his presence.

Saddam Hussein: While his moral decisions as a leader may be questionable his leadership aura is superb. When seen walking the streets of Baghdad with numerous followers flocking - no one questions who is leading the pack.

Ronald Reagan: Most American presidents exhibit great power in their presence. Ronald Reagan could demand the respect of an entire room just by being in, even if he was not speaking.

Donald Trump: Often sprawling out and making himself as comfortable as possible, Donald Trump shows an aura of no fear and complete control. How would not do a business deal with a man displaying this kind of power?

Physical size may play a small part in displaying this leadership aura. There is no question that our physical stature demands some form of respect from those that associate with us. However, this effect is very small, here are some examples of those with a smaller stature that have a strong aura.

Napoleon Bonaparte: While his exact height is not certain, reports have stated his height to be between 5 ft 2 and 5 ft 6. Certainly no one would argue that Napoleon’s presence could be felt as he commanded the respect of entire armies conquering most of the known world.

Audrey Hepburn: The feminie presence does not have the same effect as the masculine, but non-the less can be equally powerful. A woman like Audrey Hepburn, small in frame and statue, could demand the attention of any audience with her simple grace and natural beauty.

Developing the Leadership Aura

The leadership Aura cannot be bought, ascribed, or given, it comes from within. Our physical and social surroundings can assist us. The clothes we wear send out a message to the world just like our aura and can assist us in bring out our aura. The CEO of the largest company would still exhibit a strong aura even in casual clothing, but even more in a full suit. The people we associate are perhaps the greatest way to either boost your leadership aura, or dimish it to nothing. Some friends encourge us consistantly making us better building positive relationships. Other negative influences remind us of our insecurities and cause us to shrink within. However, develop a strong enough leadership aura and these people will not oppose you or associate with you.

Meditiate upon the kind of person you want to be. Think of heroes you would like to emulate. See yourself taking on these attributes and acting with them. What you have on the inside will establish itself on the outside. Your can be said to be your inner qualities shinning through. Work on these inner qualities by improving your attitude. Be positive, be vigilante, be strong and these attribute will empower others around you simply by your presence.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to Can We Have Abundance in a World Like This?

Often in life we find ourselves constantly wanting more. Whether it be happiness, power, addiction, or simply time, we find ourselves in a constant struggle to have more. One of the most fundamental economic laws is the principle of scarcity. Unfortunately, this economic fact is a very depressing concept. This concept brings me to the primary focus of the article, how can we live in a state of abundance while being subject to an economic reality that seems to thwart our desires? Stay with me, and we will find through this generally negative principle, we will discover some amazing implications about life and what we can do to create the future we want.

The principle of scarcity basically states that all resources in our world are scarce; they run out, just like your car running out of gas. Every element of our limited existence is subject to this harsh reality. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be creates or destroyed only transferred (this is good news). The second law of thermodynamics also called the law of entropy basically states that when one form of energy is transferred to other forms, there is a loss in that form of energy and its applied usage. For example, if you burn a piece of coal the total energy emitted remains the same in the context of the universe, however, some of the coal is transformed into sulphur-dioxide while another portion goes up into space and joins the other elements and gases. Our Earth is what is called a closed system in that the amount of energy is fixed and will remain fixed. Unfortunately, the fixed amount of energy on the earth that makes up our mountains, trees, ect is being gradually used up and transferred into a non-usable form of energy. Basically, the earth’s clock is ticking and will run out.

This level of scarcity creates demand for our resources. Therefore, objects like gold, platinum, and other precious metals become the objects of our desire creating our economy. Looking at life from this economic standpoint, one does not achieve abundance without the expense of others. Our entire lives become a “game” of attempting to obtain what others hold valuable. Hence, no one can truly live in a state of abundance.

Fortunately, there are powers much stronger than the forces of entropy at work in the universe. The same forces that spurred on the instant creation of the universe and everything in it exist on a plane accessible for us to use. The Bible, the most publicized book in the history of the world, God says, “ Let Us make man in our own image in Our image, according to Our Likeness (Genesis 1:26).” Quite an amazing verse, and while I don’t pretend to know all of the implications, I believe that through God, The Infinite, The Supreme, The Alpha we have the ability to access the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is where we transport our lives from the mundane to extraordinary.

Our method of accessing the spiritual realm is through the subconscious mind. Some source beyond the explanation of science is able to communicate with our subconscious mind enabling our most noble thoughts, tremendous achievements, and remarkable talents. Ever witness an athlete like Tiger Woods strike a golf ball, or a concert pianist play a complicated piece? Use the conscious mind, these feats would be near impossible, however, by tapping into the subconscious, these human beings are capable of seemingly supernatural feats and performing them with EASE. The subconscious mind needs only be aware of the goal – and the mechanical workings to accomplish it make their plans (if you let them and believe their accomplishment is inevitable).

Through the subconscious mind then abundance is possible. Creation of wealth is possible without diminishing resources, as the very powers of creation guide your best efforts. Through these principles, businessmen, scientist, teachers, and other leaders have been able to create abundance out of the power of the mind. Natural resources of the earth have been found converted to work in ways never thought possible, new inventions like electricity and the automobile have changed lives, new thought process have linked people and ideas creating abundance on a universal scale. These accomplishments overrule the principle of scarcity of new ideas reshape the Earth and its natural resource. Before the airplane, international travel for individuals was thought of as only for the rich and famous. Now, thousands of individuals can enjoy multiple cultures and exotic destinations while stimulating thousands of economies.

Through our connection with the infinite we can find great wealth, physical health, and mental health. On a deeper level we find through this same connections we can find courage, belief, faith, love, and happiness. It is our only escape from the worldly level of scarcity and the economic pressures felt by the world. The principle of scarcity then serves as a tremendous light pointing our only way of escape – through The Infinite.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


There are two people you know very well. Better than anyone else in fact. Most people know one better than the other. Most people do what the one tells them more than the other. Most people behave in a way more like the one tells them to behave. The two people are you.

Look deep inside yourself. You will see the two people for who they are. One of these people is the hero in your life. You saw them when you graduated high school, when you gave that excellent speech, when you finally stood-up to your demeaning friend, when you hit the homerun on your softball team. This individual is everything you dream about being – who you want to be – the IDEAL SELF. This person is capable of achieving anything – making millions of dollars – becoming famous around the world -- helping thousands – and any other form of greatness than hides itself as one of our desires.

The other person your likely to see (and most see them too often) is the non-idea self. This self is weak and pessimistic. This self constantly makes bad decisions, backs down, says this will be too difficult, and ultimately gives up on life. This self is in constant state of failure. Just as strongly as you can feel your triumphant self in good times, this self echoes the failures of your life and constantly reminds you of where you should be. This guy is decidedly realistic (which really means negative) and set boundaries on where it decides your life should be. It fences off your dreams and says those are not for you, you’re not capable of those. And so we listen to this guy. He helps “shape” our life letting us accomplish exactly what we think we should accomplish. Constantly settling for less this self tells us the other self does not exist and everything they do is an element of luck.

Thus we live, in the battle that our two selves have. Ninety percent of people let the second self win ninety percent of the time. Creating a mundane uninteresting life with a few “moments” of luck driven greatness. They let the great self out only in the rarest of circumstances or in certain activities that they happen to feel comfortable with. This is the great TRUTH that separates a minority of the population that “seem” destined for greatness no matter what they.

The fundamental principle applies; who we BELIEVE we are on the inside will manifest itself on the outside. Lets name a few qualities of great people – of any great person that has ever lived.

Full of Faith

It takes courage to be great. The inside qualities are what count. If you had no fear, what would you do differently in your life? Ninety percent of all reading this will still live in fear. However, the more we overcome this fear and live with COURAGE the more our dreams WILL come true. In this life many have adopted the philosophy that greatness comes with luck of the draw, and that greatness may luckily stumble upon them someday. This will never happen.

The good news is: a small change in thinking WILL lead to an enormous change in results. Work on changing the inner qualities of how you think, how you think about yourself, and what you can accomplish in life. Believe anything is possible and it will be readily available.

The attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts we carry are the causes of our life; the things we do are the effects. Many people believe that their lives are going wrong, therefore they go from one effect to another, but the cause does not change. For example, in my own life I went through a difficult time searching for a job and a career I would enjoy. I went from one line of work to the next – inevitably being unhappy with my life and what I was doing. A friend of my gave me some of the best advice I have ever received, he said, “you will never find the career you want, you have to create it.” I took his advice and started my own business. What really changed was not my job or the activities I was doing, but my attitude.

It takes tremendous courage to defeat the non-ideal self. It often goes against beliefs we have held since we were very young. However, the fact that you are still reading this shows you are already on your way and understand the necessary fundamentals of what make us who we are. Indeed we create our own destinies, the challenge is there, will you accept it?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

With the holidays upon us, I have decided to address the issue of giving and receiving. Our interactions in life are based upon the principles of giving and receiving. Every contact we have with another human being in this life revolves around our practice and exchange of these principles. Take for example, the last time you were mad at someone. You may have yelled at them, called them an unpleasant name, or perhaps ignored them. Their reaction was to retaliate by yelling back, physically hurting you, or ignoring you. This may cause both individuals days to spiral in a negative way. Soon more negative interactions are caused, as you find yourself yelling at other people for no apparent reason. The cycle continues until someone chooses to reverse the process. This exchange did not profit the world any.

Lets take another basic, more pleasant example. Recall last time you gave someone a gift, let say you gave your nephew a new bicycle. The exchange made you feel a warm happy feeling for giving a boy a nice gift. Your nephew felt very excited to have something new to play with. Additionally, on a deeper level, when you purchased the bicycle you had an interaction with the sales man at the bicycle store, who in-turn spent the money in our revolving economy. The retail sector of the economy was effected, which affected the government sector and the GDP of the country, in turn, affecting the foreign trade policy, and in essence the entire world. Therefore, through this one exchange, the ripple effects of the interaction are universal. This is the ultimate truth of every interaction we have – giving or receiving.

There is, however, a choice involved with every exchange. Lets say your nephew was very popular and had already received several bicycles from adoring relatives. He may act in a selfish way, ignore your gift, and throw it away hurting your feelings. Through this act of selfishness in receiving, he does not give GRATITUDE in return. The ripple effect is universal.

Which brings me to my point. GIVING and RECEIVING are equally important. Without one, there is no other. In order to receive good gifts from people, we must give good gifts to people. In order to receive money, we must be willing to give money. Everything in life involves and revolves around this continuous and beautiful exchange. If the flow of energy is interrupted the opposite effect can occur. Various cultures have labeled this concept differently such as KARMA, or the GOLDEN RULE. Jesus, in the sermon “on the mount,” states GIVE and it will be given to you, FORGIVE and you will be forgiven.

When you receive something, you are essentially giving back. Giving can be in the form of GRATITUDE, BLESSING, THANKS, or any other form of giving you would to impart.

Sounds great, but what do I do with it? Take these words into account, and let them sink into your subconscious mind. Here are a few key principles. I use these principles everyday, and not only does it enrich my life, but it helps those around me even more.

Every-time you interact with another person, Give them everything you have. You will be great rewarded more times over than you gave.

When you meet someone new, silently bless them, you will sense they can feel it. Send them a silent prayer that communicates to them love. This may seem ridiculous, but trust me, it truly works in amazing ways.

Pay attention to the needs of others, and you will in-turn receive all you ever wanted.