Friday, September 19, 2008

Thoughts or Actions?

Step right up ladies in gentlemen and get your ticket to the hottest boxing match of the century. In one corner we have Practical Pete.


Nose to the grindstone hard worker

Understands the ins and out of Newtonian law

Achieves results through constant action

Brain the size of a pea, but muscle well developed years of labor

In the other corner we have Mystical Manny


Able to keep his mind constantly in the realm of thought and awareness

Manipulates life on the Quantum level

Mastered the art of levitation

Achieves results through thinking and creating desires from the central point of existence

The fight going on with these two brutes, Practical Pete and Mystical Manny, is a fight myself and many of the readers of this blog face inside their head everyday. I usually error on the side of mystical Manny, because I think the realm of thought is an extremely power vehicle. However, the problem remains. We live in a world governed by Newtonian physics. We cannot turn a submachine gun into a piece of bread (a least not instantly). Even with a vast understanding of quantum mechanics which indicates all possibilities exist at any point of existence at all times past and future, we still cannot travel back in time, or transform our realities in an instant. At some point in the consciousness of humanity may be able to accomplish these feats without a second thought. For now, we can do our best to understand where these two great fighters meet and maximize our potential!

The physical world is much closer to the spiritual realm than we give it credit.

When attempting to accomplish great things, overcome addictions, find love, create something new, or any other endeavor set out upon in order to maximize your life the question must be asked: what is the best way to get the results I desire? Should I meditate all day and pray the results come about? Should I go out and just start randomly knocking on doors until I find an answer to my problem?

In order to maximize your results a progression must be followed that involves both thinking and action. At the very heart lies DECISION. You have been given the right by God to choose your path. The very first story in many holy books is of Adam and Eve. The story of Adam and Eve introduces the most fundamental element of the human experience is introduced: Decision. While we cannot choose many of the factors in life (although some speculate our souls may have chosen certain “lives” to live to enable their spiritual growth) we have complete control over our thoughts.

Once you have decided the path you want to take in life, our thoughts may then be emotionalized with desire. This process draws us to our desires through the law of attraction. Through single-minded desire with a definite purpose our brain and imagination begins to create ways to fulfill that desire.

Action then is inevitable. When desire has been fueled strong enough it often feel like we are not even trying, but rather fulfilling what we are meant to do! The “hard work” is mental. Knowledge of these principles is the beginning of getting the limited garbage out of your mind. I speak of this, and love to talk about it, because it has changed my life dramatically.

Maximizing your life is a process that will only get better and better. Thoughts and actions are not contrary to one another, but exist on a continuum that we call life.

Our closest (big) galatic friend, the beautiful Andromeda galaxy by hisglassworks. Which by the way is just starting to be seen in the evening sky to most northern hemisphere observers :)


Anonymous said...

WOW! Excellent article Jesse. As I was reading I kept nodding my head in agreement. Well done.

Sorry I've been tardy. Life has been very busy in the real world.

Please take the time to visit the MW Site and vote ok?
Thanks my friend and take care.

Sherer said...


Thanks for stopping by! Hey - for some reason its not letting me read your posts anymore. I thought I made you mad or something! Thanks for stopping by - life has been crazy for me too - should be interesting to see the opportunities that arise from this financial mess!


Swubird said...


Absolutely right on Sherer. I haven't been around your site lately, but this article reminded me of how much I have missed. Very thought-provoking and informative. Thought/Decision/action - the stuff the universe is made of.

Happy trails.

Nancy from said...

I hope we will know when someone learns how to turn the submachine gun into a loaf of bread and that they won't just disappear as the Mayans did....

Well done and thought provoking post.

Thank you.

Gloria Chadwick said...

Hi. I really like your blog; there are good vibes here. I added you to my blogroll on my new blog, Magical Mind. Thanks for stopping by Zen Coffee the other day.

Sherer said...


good to see you my friend. To be honest I have been pretty busy with work and things. This post has been long on my mind and I appreciate your comments.


Sherer said...


Thanks for reading. I hope to one day find what happened to the mayans.


Sherer said...


Thank you very much for the comment. Positive vibes! I love that you picked up on that. I want visitors to feel like they get a breath of positivity whenever they spot by. Thank you very much for adding me to your blog roll - I am honored.

Bob Johnson said...

Well put Jesse, hey once I make a decision to do something,it's like you said, not trying, just fulfilling or doing what I need to do, the key is to make that choice to start with.

You can tell you've lived this stuff by the way you put things, so everyone can understand.

Sherer said...


Thanks for coming by, indeed I have. I think I may have a post about it soon - I changed my life over a period of about 3 years. I was from a grumpy, negative, poor, quite pathetic individual. I have come a long way and it feels great.



As usual you have me thinking and pondering life. Sometimes I can almost get close to the spiritual realm and then others it feels so far away.

Ravindra said...

Excellent post, Jesse! Thank you very much indeed.
Unfortunately,most people haven't the foggiest idea as to what they can do to really grow and enrich their lives.

The possibilities as to what their lives could be completely elude them. Their atrophied imagination refuses to go beyond possesing more goodies of this world and giving more to their sensory organs to feed on.

So the basic question is not: Which one possibility, from among the million avavilable to me, I choose to manifest or concretize.

The basic question really is: How do I see a million possibilities in place of the only one or two that I currently see.

Thus, liberatiing our imagination from the prison of brain's hard-wired circuits seems the principal task for most of us.

Ravindra Joshi

Sherer said...


Thanks for coming by. And I know what you mean, I fell the same way too. Yet at the same time, I believe its somewhat irrelavent how I feel.


Sherer said...


Great comment. Your insight proceeds itself. "Their atrophied imagination refuses to go beyond possesing more goodies of this world and giving more to their sensory organs to feed on." -very true.

Your basic question is correct, as our imaginations are SO limited. I believe people can essential "workout" their imagination like working out muscles. Only then will power and possibilities begin to present themselves.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
I appreciate the comment left at my new site. Thank you.
At the moment there is a poll being displayed at the MW Site. Could you please take the time to vote if you haven't done so already?
Thanks so much my friend.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read Carl Jung? Practical Pete and Mystic Manny are like the Sensation and Intuition personality types. In most people one is stronger than the other. Jung suggests we endeavour to balance them out to find our true authentic self. Jung has a lot to say about synchronicity - or 'perfect timing' too.

Caroline said...

Amazing post! My husband is Pete and I am Manny. It can be quite explosive around my parts as these worlds collide. I am a big dreamer and live in the moment. My husband is very practical and plans, plans, plans. But it's a good balance at times. I know I need to "think" more, but the universe just amazes me with what can be achieved by simply following your heart...

Sherer said...

JD- I have voted my friend. And don't even mention the comment - I love reading your work.


Sherer said...

Healing Stones,

Yes! I have read much of Carl Jung's work. I think his work was astounding and extremely ground breaking. I think Syncronistic things begin to be noticed more often when we balance these two aspects of the self. Very enlightened comment! Thank you.


Sherer said...


It seems opposites attract! You and your husband must make a perfect pair.

And your comment about thinking. I agree with you. I wish thinking could be given a different word because it has so many meanings. I believe a large percentage of the "thinking" we do is vastly repetitive and egotistical. However, "thinking" can also be implied in the action of following your heart. So the terminology can be confusing.


Caroline said...


I do wish there was a better word for "thinking." I find much of my "thinking" to be quite repetitive and ego driven. Planning is good when done from a place of honesty and with good intention. Maybe I need to do more planning and less thinking!

Bob Johnson said...

Go Jesse Go, I'd like to hear about it!

mscherrylane said...

Lol loved the names of the characters...

Sherer said...

Ms Cherry Lane,

Everyonce in a while i get creative :)