Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Law of Opportunity

By Jesse Sherer and Pablo De Leon

“When you are unconditionally ready for something, it WILL make its appearance known.” Pablo De Leon - Revision of famous saying

Do the Opportunities that present themselves in our lives do so out of pure chance, or do they adhere to immutable law? Why does opportunity seem to favor some individuals and flee from others? The answer to these questions lies within a concept myself and friend Pablo De Leon have described as the Law of Opportunity.

Interestingly the great opportunities in our lives seem to arise out of thin air. Think back to a time when something significant happened in your life. Imagine the people, circumstances, and ideas that came together to create this opportunity. Think of how each one of those elements must have been cultivating for some time to create the necessary fundamental structure necessary for the opportunity. These seemly random forces converging together may seem to have occurred out of pure chance. However, a deeper inspection reveals that these events have not happened on pure accident but rather by the rising of a collective and powerful consciousness.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction basically states that our dominating thoughts create our destiny. The law of attraction operates on a personal level. Only you can control your own thoughts. Let us imagine two people are seeking different results contradictory to one another. Let’s say for example I claim a piece of land and want to construct an apartment building there. Another person with equal claim to the piece of land and equal amount of desire wishes to build a park. How then can the law of attraction bring about the desired result for both people? The law of opportunity finds the answer to the question.

All opportunity comes from the Infinite Source of Power and Intelligence the grand designer of the universe and the only creative energy in the universe. The law of opportunity does not make the law of attraction obsolete, but rather connects the web of time, attraction, the individual, and the community. We cannot create opportunity, but we can align ourselves to be ready for the opportunity. Opportunity will readily make it self- available to the one whom is unconditionally ready for it.

How then do we make ourselves ready for opportunities to be handed to us? To unconditionally ready for a thing implies two distinct properties.

1. Intent: Along the lines of the law of attraction we must intend for this opportunity to manifest.

2. Awareness: We must be completely aware of our own Being and connection with everything else. Awareness of this fact will bring about opportunity we may have not known existed. In the realm of Being, opportunities are spontaneously created and anything is possible.

When these two properties are combined through conscious living, you will align yourself with law of opportunity. The act of doing this will create opportunities around every corner. It will allow you to see the interconnectedness of people, objects, and events.

Photo by: Deathwing

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Connection to the Infinite

When I was twelve years old, I learned about the amazing powers of the subconscious mind. It was a difficult time in my youth, family life was fairly turbulent as my mother was battling cancer. I found my solace in learning to play the piano. I discovered very quick the amazing powers of our Mind! Within one year I had my first job playing the piano for money. I learned to read music and play difficult compositions in a very short period of time. My Mind was fueled by emotion and the excellence came with ease. My labor was mental and I discovered the amazing power we (our true selves) have over thought. Because we are indeed, much more than our thoughts.

Since, I have made it a study to understand the capabilities human mind and how it relates to our purpose. I have constructed chart this to assist in understanding some concepts I believe are helpful in understanding how we can live infinitely.

Thoughts: You have them all the time. In fact it is very difficult to not experience thought. Our thoughts lead to our actions. Every event that takes place in our lives is a result of preconceived thought. We become our dominating thought patterns. Thought, however, is not who we are. Our thoughts are certainly a part of who we are but the true selves resonates in a much deeper place.

Who am I?: If we truly become our dominating thought patterns then the question must be asked. Who is the director of the thought pattern? Who says, I will think this, or I will do that? Who you are then is deeper than your thoughts. Unfortunately, if you think about yourself and try to describe yourself in terms and labels then you are inevitably going to be slightly off as you have created another idea introduced by thought. However, we can begin to understand the true nature of life as we begin to grasp these concepts with "conceptual clues". The true self is of a pure spiritual nature. The purpose of our life: Spiritual development.

The Subconscious Mind: As we resonate through this life of spiritual development we have a powerful tool that we can use to communicate with our spiritual nature. This is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the bridge between our thoughts and our spiritual nature. The two take part in a beautiful dance not yet fully understood by man occurring between our mind and the solar plexus. As you can see from the diagram that the subconscious mind connects to both our physical realm of thought, and the Infinite. Understanding the subconscious mind allows us to tap into the amazing power and infinite creativity of the Ultimate Intelligence.

The Universal Mind: While my diagram does not do this magnificent operation a hint of justice. It does show that while our thoughts do not readily connect to universal mind (Omnipresence) we may communicate with this greater source of power. This may only be done through deep meditation, prayer, and heightened awareness. As you can see from the picture, the Universal Mind is a circle and encompasses all and is not limited to one person. This is the source of everything and cause for all effects. In our spiritual development it is necessary to understand this as the only real and lasting source of power.

I posted this for the purpose of clarity. It is very easy to get caught up in only focusing on understanding the Inifnite Intelligence, or the subconsious mind, or even mind management on a conscious thought level. Understanding the inner workings of all these elements and how they beauitfully blend together gives us a complete picture and raises our awareness. When we understand the cause for all effects we can begin to experience life. We become aware of the pure potential and unlimited wealth that exists entirely within our being.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ripoffs Holsters Blog

Greetings all. I have been working on a new blog. Completely unrelated to Living Infinitely. Ripoffs Holsters Blog is desgined to compliment my e-store Ripoff Holsters The purpose is to assist customers in choosing a holster that works for them with a purely informational site. My raking with Yahoo is almost always second or third, but with google they are usually about fifth or sixth. Hopefully a purely informational blog based off of google's masterminded Blogger will draw in some additional traffic.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Personal Magnetism the Art of Attractive Presence

Have you ever noticed how some individuals seem to have an invisible aura that surrounds them and makes them irresistible? People want to be around them, do business with them, and even start romantic relationships with them. Invisible magnetic forces seem to give these certain individuals advantages in life. When this power has been developed properly the very presence of these magnetic people can have a calming and relaxing effect on others. There is no denying the fact that personal magnetism exists, but how does one improve their magnetic qualities? The following is a list of what creates this personal magnetism, and how you can improve yours.

Physical Magnetism

Being Tall Helps: Even large statues with great height seem to have some kind of magnetic presence. Tall people seem create this magnetic field because of sheer genetic characteristics.

Improve your Body: One of the most powerful and direct ways of generating irresistible personal magnetism is to get in shape. When both the male and female body types build lean muscle and shed fat, they take on their distinctive shapes creating a powerful attraction. Additionally, being in great shape has been known to help self-confidence and create a powerful magnetic field.

Wardrobe Check: A person displays an image they want to portray to the world everyday when they choose what clothes to wear. Stylish clothes, jewelry, and other physical adornments can have a small effect on the overall magnetic field created by the individual.

Inner Magnetism

Send Out Positive Vibes: This is one of the most powerful tools in creating personal magnetism. Studies have shown that positive people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. When you walk in a room, or walk past another person, smile. Sending out positive vibes to others will project confidence and strength.

Find the Inner Game: Our true selves exist on a deeper level then simply our personality, attributes, and habits. Truly understanding the full potential of our mind and soul is a journey that we must take throughout our life times. Understanding the cause of our magnetism can help us understand our full potential and essentially let that light shine for others to see.

It all Comes Down to Confidence: You may read things about eating certain kinds of fish oils will make you a more magnetic person (and it may). However, the over arcing principle behind all the steps in helping you create personal magnetism is increasing your confidence. Follow each aspect carefully, and think of ways to incorporate them into your life bringing you confidence as you improve on each one. Confidence is a fickle friend. Sometimes doing one small thing, such as wearing an outfit you really think looks good can sky rocket our confidence through the roof. Additionally, confidence compounds itself like interest in the bank. The more confidence you have, the easier it is to build.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Power of a Name

It is given at birth and typically carried around like a proud personal banner throughout our lives. Men and women pay millions of dollars to see it lavishly displayed on hospital walls or the doorways and park benches of cities. Speak it and you will create the sweetest musical note to the recipient. I speak of the extraordinary power of a person’s NAME.

Part of maximizing YOUR life will inevitably be about enriching the lives of others. When you enrich the lives of others with love and care, you begin to build a network of individuals who will befriend you, love you, and can even bring you an abundance of wealth. I have been the type of person that is “bad with names.” I would meet someone and instantly forget his or her name. At times this habit could be down right embarrassing. I recall being in a situation in which I had to repeatedly call on a customer I was doing a large amount of business with and not being able to remember her name. Each time I would call her on the phone I would once again introduce myself instead of being able to reach out to her and make that vital personal connection. The sale was nearly lost, when the customer eventually said those terrible words we have all heard before, “do you even remember my name?”

Classical theories on motivation have shown that after basic survival needs have been met, one of the greatest human motivators is the need for recognition. People want to feel IMPORTANT! Imagine the network of people you could build if you were able to put your own ego on check and tap into this amazing principle of human behavior. Although not necessarily easy, one of the simplest ways of making people feel important is calling them by their name. To be a great leader, follow the example of great leaders before you like Theodore Roosevelt. His ability to remember names left a lasting impression on an entire nation.

The reason why many of us fail to capture another’s name is that we are very caught up in our own self-consciousness. The ability to comprehend what another individual holds important is an asset of unspeakable value. Here are a few tips to help you recall another’s name.

1. Associate the name with the face. Many of us are able to recall a face, but have trouble putting a name to it. Consciously associate a person’s name to their face, the minute you are introduced.

2. Repeat the name in the conversation. Here is an example. “Great to meet you Bob, what is it that you do Bob?” That may be a little obvious, but people generally don’t notice (they like hearing their name). Here is another example if that is too obvious, “Great to meet you Bob, what is it that you do?” Bob- “Oh, I am an arms dealer.” You – “Oh that’s great Bob, how did you get into that?”

3. Give your full attention to the person. Would you agree with me, that knowing a great amount of people would be a valuable asset? Imagine each person you meet as a possible asset for building wealth (monetary or otherwise) in your life. I realize this next technique may seem a little impersonal, but think of it as a game. If you could know x amount of people by first name, how much would that be worth to you? Imagine each person you meet and remember their name and face is worth five dollars to you. While this may seem ridiculous there is a monetary and social value to every person you meet.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is Living Infinitely Part 3/3

We have laid the groundwork for understanding the concept known as Living Infinitely. We understand that Living Infinitely is a philosophy that not only recognizes our souls as eternal, but also forms a foundation for us to unlock our Potential.

Have you ever thought, “I am destined to do something great? The concept of having an idea that you are destined for greatness is not for everyone. Many individuals I have met through the years are scared of themselves and frightened to dig deeper into their potential. If this is you, that is okay. However, Living Infinitely is for those who DESIRE a greater life and want to gain an understanding of their true potential. This website if for individuals who know deep down they are destined for a significant life and are interested in unlocking this inner capacity to succeed. The quest of Living Infinitely is to give tips and articles on maximizing your life through mind management, self- development, and positive thinking. Additionally, another purpose of Living Infinitely is to crush all the self-limiting beliefs that may have plagued your past. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The worst of all fears is the fear of living” and that is something that we cannot afford to keep in our lives. Living Infinitely may not happen overnight, but with diligent practice of the techniques and tips you will be on your way to getting better everyday.

Our Thoughts define us. The kind of thoughts you dwell on the most, paint a perfect picture of the kind of person you are. Try this exercise:

Go out and talk to a friend or coworker (whoever)

Have about a ten-minute conversation with them

Pay attention to the words that they repeat and any ideas that come up repeatedly (psychiatrists and literary critics use this technique often)

Pay attention to their body language particularly when certain topics arise they evoke emotions

Practice these step and you will soon find the ability to “figure someone out” very quickly. Our thoughts pour through us in everything that we do.

The purpose of the previous exercise is to gain an understanding of the degree to which our thought patterns shine through in our daily life. Therefore, in order to change the results of our life we must change our thought patterns. How do we change our thought patterns? Do we have complete controls of our thought patterns? Every individual controls not only what he or she does, but also what he or she thinks. When you say “I” will do something or “I” think something, you are truly referring to the “self” which controls these actions. The true “self” then is in absolute control of every aspect of our lives. Here also lies our connection to our Infinite nature and source of all power. Our ability to recognize the self as being in our complete control and linked to the Infinite Intelligence is the beginning to unlocking our true POTENTIAL.

Living Infinitely starts with recognizing these essential facts and capitalizing on them. When we understand that we can train our mind to create the person we are, then our possibilities are endless. When we begin to train the mind and use proven techniques for doing so, we can literally reshape our realities. In the process of doing this, you will also come to a great understanding of the “self” and of God.

Here are some good places to start. Bookmark this site and come back whenever you can. I am constantly gaining information and insites on the subject of maximizing your life so check back often.

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