Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Secrets of Mind Control

Have you ever wanted to influence the mind of another person in order to persuade them? I don’t recommend doing this for harmful purposes, but it is certainly possible. I will go through a few techniques for you to try out today.

1. The most important fact to realize is that people care most about themselves. Anyone who realizes this will have an advantage on the rest of his or her associates. Most people are so busy thinking about themselves they pay no attention to who is influencing them. Realize others care more about themselves.
2. The second most important fact is that 90% (probably over 90%) of communication is done through nonverbal communication. Picture a nervous student giving a speech. They are self-conscious and entirely consumed with worrying about what others think, while the rest of the audience does not care, they are too busy worrying about themselves as well. Use your body language to display the message you are trying to convey.
3. Use the power of suggestion. Try this. Tell one friend or coworker how good they look three times throughout the day, you will notice them holding themselves better at the end of the day. Tell another friend or coworker that they look like they are getting sick. Tests have shown that after enough suggestions they will actually begin to feel sick (don’t do this one too much). Use suggestions to saturate the subconscious and influence others.
4. Drop clues through your language. If you want someone to get excited, use positive language and words that bring about excitement. Use powerful words for powerful results. Words like money, sex, death, birth, and power have strong connections to the subconscious of others. Direct others thoughts subconsciously by dropping clues through your language.
5. Use the silence to your advantage. People are generally uncomfortable with silence. Given the right moment, silence can be a powerful ally to help create the influence you desire. Give it a try. Next time you are facing a problem with someone, just give them a stare and a confident look, many times they will workout the problem on their own (parents have used this technique for years). Silence can be more powerful than sound.

Give each of these techniques a try. With practice, you will find yourself become a more powerful, attractive, and influential person in the eyes of others.

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