Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Connection to the Infinite

When I was twelve years old, I learned about the amazing powers of the subconscious mind. It was a difficult time in my youth, family life was fairly turbulent as my mother was battling cancer. I found my solace in learning to play the piano. I discovered very quick the amazing powers of our Mind! Within one year I had my first job playing the piano for money. I learned to read music and play difficult compositions in a very short period of time. My Mind was fueled by emotion and the excellence came with ease. My labor was mental and I discovered the amazing power we (our true selves) have over thought. Because we are indeed, much more than our thoughts.

Since, I have made it a study to understand the capabilities human mind and how it relates to our purpose. I have constructed chart this to assist in understanding some concepts I believe are helpful in understanding how we can live infinitely.

Thoughts: You have them all the time. In fact it is very difficult to not experience thought. Our thoughts lead to our actions. Every event that takes place in our lives is a result of preconceived thought. We become our dominating thought patterns. Thought, however, is not who we are. Our thoughts are certainly a part of who we are but the true selves resonates in a much deeper place.

Who am I?: If we truly become our dominating thought patterns then the question must be asked. Who is the director of the thought pattern? Who says, I will think this, or I will do that? Who you are then is deeper than your thoughts. Unfortunately, if you think about yourself and try to describe yourself in terms and labels then you are inevitably going to be slightly off as you have created another idea introduced by thought. However, we can begin to understand the true nature of life as we begin to grasp these concepts with "conceptual clues". The true self is of a pure spiritual nature. The purpose of our life: Spiritual development.

The Subconscious Mind: As we resonate through this life of spiritual development we have a powerful tool that we can use to communicate with our spiritual nature. This is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the bridge between our thoughts and our spiritual nature. The two take part in a beautiful dance not yet fully understood by man occurring between our mind and the solar plexus. As you can see from the diagram that the subconscious mind connects to both our physical realm of thought, and the Infinite. Understanding the subconscious mind allows us to tap into the amazing power and infinite creativity of the Ultimate Intelligence.

The Universal Mind: While my diagram does not do this magnificent operation a hint of justice. It does show that while our thoughts do not readily connect to universal mind (Omnipresence) we may communicate with this greater source of power. This may only be done through deep meditation, prayer, and heightened awareness. As you can see from the picture, the Universal Mind is a circle and encompasses all and is not limited to one person. This is the source of everything and cause for all effects. In our spiritual development it is necessary to understand this as the only real and lasting source of power.

I posted this for the purpose of clarity. It is very easy to get caught up in only focusing on understanding the Inifnite Intelligence, or the subconsious mind, or even mind management on a conscious thought level. Understanding the inner workings of all these elements and how they beauitfully blend together gives us a complete picture and raises our awareness. When we understand the cause for all effects we can begin to experience life. We become aware of the pure potential and unlimited wealth that exists entirely within our being.


Swubird said...

Interesting post. We are who we think we are. I'll be back.

Sherer said...

Thanks swubird - for stopping by!

Bob Johnson said...

Lots to digest here, the power of the mind is quite remarkable, have you seen "what the bleep do we know"? very interesting. I would comment further but I am having trouble posting my comments tonight, very informative post, love your chart.

Sherer said...

hey thanks Bob, I will check out the "what the bleep do we know?" It gets difficult to verbalize some of the more deep levels of consciousness. and its a work in progress. But thanks for stopping by as always.