Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is Living Infinitely Part 3/3

We have laid the groundwork for understanding the concept known as Living Infinitely. We understand that Living Infinitely is a philosophy that not only recognizes our souls as eternal, but also forms a foundation for us to unlock our Potential.

Have you ever thought, “I am destined to do something great? The concept of having an idea that you are destined for greatness is not for everyone. Many individuals I have met through the years are scared of themselves and frightened to dig deeper into their potential. If this is you, that is okay. However, Living Infinitely is for those who DESIRE a greater life and want to gain an understanding of their true potential. This website if for individuals who know deep down they are destined for a significant life and are interested in unlocking this inner capacity to succeed. The quest of Living Infinitely is to give tips and articles on maximizing your life through mind management, self- development, and positive thinking. Additionally, another purpose of Living Infinitely is to crush all the self-limiting beliefs that may have plagued your past. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The worst of all fears is the fear of living” and that is something that we cannot afford to keep in our lives. Living Infinitely may not happen overnight, but with diligent practice of the techniques and tips you will be on your way to getting better everyday.

Our Thoughts define us. The kind of thoughts you dwell on the most, paint a perfect picture of the kind of person you are. Try this exercise:

Go out and talk to a friend or coworker (whoever)

Have about a ten-minute conversation with them

Pay attention to the words that they repeat and any ideas that come up repeatedly (psychiatrists and literary critics use this technique often)

Pay attention to their body language particularly when certain topics arise they evoke emotions

Practice these step and you will soon find the ability to “figure someone out” very quickly. Our thoughts pour through us in everything that we do.

The purpose of the previous exercise is to gain an understanding of the degree to which our thought patterns shine through in our daily life. Therefore, in order to change the results of our life we must change our thought patterns. How do we change our thought patterns? Do we have complete controls of our thought patterns? Every individual controls not only what he or she does, but also what he or she thinks. When you say “I” will do something or “I” think something, you are truly referring to the “self” which controls these actions. The true “self” then is in absolute control of every aspect of our lives. Here also lies our connection to our Infinite nature and source of all power. Our ability to recognize the self as being in our complete control and linked to the Infinite Intelligence is the beginning to unlocking our true POTENTIAL.

Living Infinitely starts with recognizing these essential facts and capitalizing on them. When we understand that we can train our mind to create the person we are, then our possibilities are endless. When we begin to train the mind and use proven techniques for doing so, we can literally reshape our realities. In the process of doing this, you will also come to a great understanding of the “self” and of God.

Here are some good places to start. Bookmark this site and come back whenever you can. I am constantly gaining information and insites on the subject of maximizing your life so check back often.

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Tim Welch said...

I love that post. It's so true that people need to train the crew. The crew is your subconscious mind. You can triple the power of your subconscious mind, boost your self confidence, become ten feet tall and bullet proof when you decide to! It's all about the decision to be successful and lead with giving. Whatever you give away you get to keep.

Sherer said...

thanks tim, I couldn't agree with you more. I love how you put it "the decision to be successful and LEAD WITH GIVING." Thank you.

Bob Johnson said...

Great stuff and advice, I find I can practice this and do well when things are going my way, but it is often harder to think positive when the going gets tough, the pressure of work and deadlines, but that is the trick isn't it, to be able to overcome all the small stuff, to see it for what it is, which we usually do too late.

Sherer said...

all too true, Bob, I think our character is defined by how we react when things are tough and not going our way.