Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Become a Positive Person in 21 days

Making changes in your life involves reshaping the way you think. When your thinking has changed and taken new form, situations will spontaneously change. How we react to the events in our lives form a relationship with our plans and desires creating the path for the future.

If you have a goal you would like to accomplish in the future, continually walking down the same road and reacting to your life in the same way will not get you to your destination. For example you plan on losing 30 pounds. If you continually eat the same type of food and do the same exercise routine inevitably no results will be made – despite your solidified goal of losing the weight. Therefore, one of our most powerful enemies is complacency.

Our subconscious mind is programmed to influence our actions and habits. When our subconscious is programmed in a healthy manner, our actions and reactions perform flawlessly achieving miraculous results. When our subconscious is programmed destructively bad lucks seems to naturally follow us around every corner.

Having a positive outlook on life will bring about positive results. Expect the best and get it (likewise expect the worst and get ready for the storm). Thinking positively is not an easy task. As we grow up and face difficulties in life, negative influences that tell you that you cannot do something, or are not good enough engrave themselves our subconscious mind. The following is a 21-day plan to get yourself on the road to positive thinking.

Day 1-7

Stop watching the news (there is never positive news on the news)

Write down a positive affirmation (such as I will accomplish _____) and read it aloud every morning and night

Drive a different way to work every morning (this is to remind yourself that you are making an effort to change your thinking and it is a fresh outlook on life)

Day 7-14

Continue step 1 and 2

Make an effort everyday to say something positive to the people you associate with

Day 14-21

Do not be around negative people; you should be able to recognize these individuals by now. Even if they are close friends, trust me, they will do your life no favors.

Fight Negative thoughts: If a negative or self restricting thought enters your mind immediately identify it as such and replace it with a positive one.

After 21 days, I guarantee that you will recognize a difference in your life. I will not have to tell you to repeat the steps because the new life style will become so refreshing you will not ever want to deviate from it.

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Bob Johnson said...

Excellent advice as usual, great post.