Friday, February 8, 2008

Praying that Works Miracles

I want to display in this short article how the power of prayer can profoundly affect our lives. Here are few practices we can integrate into our prayer transforming it from superficial worrying and doubt to actually working for us in real and amazing ways. I have personally found these principles to be absolutely true and able to work miracles.

Praying for Others: For one full day try and pray for each person you come across in the day. Say a silent prayer when greeting another person. This may sound strange and mystical, but if you practice, you will notice yourself almost “shooting” a prayer that the other person feels. With DILIGENCE you will become an expert and actually be able to turn a person around on the street to give you a warm look. The key is to become detached from yourself and your own worries and completely concentrate on the other person your are contacting. You will be refreshed and empowered by this exercise while simultaneously helping others.

Pray with Faith: Faith emotionalizes our prayers with unshaken BELIEF in ourselves and our infinite nature. Ask and BELIEVE and you will be the recipient of your demand. This step is the most difficult. Even when we think we BELIEVE something whole-heartedly, one of our chief enemies: DOUBT, seeps into the cracks of our mind. Faith is not something that will come overnight, but must be continually built. The good news is that Faith builds upon itself. Take time to repeatedly build your Faith until it has been etched on your subconscious. With great Faith, the power of prayer is limitless in working miracles in our lives.

Pray for Big Things and all things: There is no limit to what prayer can do. Emotionalize your prayers with unshaken belief and do not limit yourself. The great miracles of the ages have been accomplished using these exact formulas, and the principle is universal. On the other-side of the coin there is no task or object too small for the infinite spiritual realm to completely satisfy.

When it happens you will know. Never GIVE up. Follow these steps and you will work miracles.

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