Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Invincible Power to Overcome Addiction

A great amount of readers have noted to me that this blog is not realistic. First, I do not believe in realistic – realistic is another word for negative. The word “impossible” does not exist in dictionary of Living Infinitely. Purposefully I speak only of ideals. The subconscious mind takes these ideals and begins to shape your reality around them without questioning reason or “realism”, rather taking natural laws and creating life out of them. Therefore, readers should be able to come here and read an about maximizing their life without having any negative thoughts penetrating into their subconscious. However, in truly maximizing our lives it is sometimes necessary to understand the cause of our predicaments. A friend pointed out to me in the example of “The Farmer” that many individuals desire to “cut the root” but do not realize that the root is even there! The following takes one example of how even the most devastating of addictions can be conquered by omnipotent power.

Although different opinions exist, according to Dr. Leshner Summeral of the Dana Foundation generally defines addiction as: a disease, a state of psychological or physiological dependence or devotion to something manifesting as a condition in which medically significant symptoms liable to have a damaging effect are present. People can become addicted to all kinds of damaging addiction including but not limited to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, all kinds of sexual issues, work, computers, shopping, self infliction, food, and many more. The addiction can be so powerful that it completely controls a person’s actions. The individual becomes a slave to their addiction losing all will power. The brain and the body behave like robots completely subject to the seemingly impossible dependency. The reality for many with addictions is complete bondage.

There are a few realities that must settle into the mind before healing can take place. When it does the result is nothing short of astonishing! Individuals that are able to overcome the power of an addiction are imbued with a super strength enabling them to take on other obstacles in life with great ease. These individuals have conquered some of the most devastating physiological and psychological demons ever faced by humanity. The reward is WORTH more gold! I have seen enormous power coming from these individuals scarcely realized in others. The following are proven methods that will inevitably bring about results. With a powerful addiction, healing can take time. More often than not healing is experienced in periods. Most individuals will gradually feel the grip of their addiction weaken more and more and eventually completely disappear.

1. Desire to Change. Without the desire for a different way of life free of the addiction change is unfeasible. The desire for change is often brought about by love (for other people or from others). Indifference will inevitably result in failure.

2. Awareness of the True Self: The true self in you is the one that desires the change. The false sense of self is controlled by the addiction. When you say, “I need to change myself” there automatically implies two parties. The true self is the “I” behind thinking, actions, and even the addiction; it is the director and decision maker. The false self is the “robot: controlled by the addiction. The more you identify yourself - with the True Self – the self that is One with the Infinite – the less you will identify with the addiction and remain subject to it.

3. The Transformation of Desire: The mind of an addict is very strong willed. The subconscious mind is so programmed to obtain the necessary stimulus it will stop at nothing in its path. The transformation of this desire into a healthy desire that conforms with the original desire to change will imbue the new activity with great strength. The process of transforming the mind can be done with things like music, physical exercise, a hobby, business, and many other constructive rather than destructive habits.

My wish is that this post will give you the motivation to KNOW - beyond the shadow of a doubt - that the life you want to live can be obtained by ANYBODY.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Farmer

There was once a farmer who owned a beautiful piece of land that stretched as far as the eye could see. This farmer not only grew his crops, but also created a great amount of wealth and health for his entire family. Everything was going according to the farmer’s plans until he noticed a small tree growing in his field.

The tree did not seem to be a problem for the farmer, the crops still flourished and produced. Additionally, the tree provided plenty of shade when he would get hot from working in the sun all day. The farmer began to love his tree. The tree grew large and spread its branches wide over the field. The tree even started sprouting saplings as the wind blew seeds across the field.

Not before long, the farmer noticed the tree had taken up a rather large portion of his field. The crops began to die as the roots of the tree stretched far beneath the ground in every direction strangling his crops. Soon the farmer realized that all his crops were gone and not yielding any produce whatsoever.

The farmer found himself in a desperate situation. He had run out of wealth and desperately needed to plentiful harvest to feed his family. However, he loved his tree and had become accustom to lounging under it all day. He decided to cut the branches of the tree so that the sun would strike the crops. After cutting all the branches off the tree and planting new crops, the farmer felt relieved to see his crops barely sprouting out of the ground. However, the branches of the tree grew quicker than the crops and once again hid them from the sun.

The farmer made the DEFINITE decision that something must be done. He dug DEEP and cut the tree at the ROOT.

The branches of any tree in your life will not linger long after the roots has been cut. However, the decision to dig deep it is the most important and difficult thing you will face. Adverse situations will not take care of themselves. Once the root of our problems has been completely removed from our attention, then the outcome and effects of our problems begin to dissipate. Change your thoughts to not accept the situation (whether it be a relationship, lack of money, ect) and dig deep. Trimming the branches only bring frustration, DIG DEEP.

Beautiful Photo courtesy of Robby Garbett

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Persistence and Faith

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie – author

The powerful quote above illustrates the power behind persistence backed by unwavering faith. Lets analyze the statement in detail:

“The most important things in the world”: Think of the implications for your life. If the monumental events of human history have been accomplished when no hope was in sight then surely many events of our own personal lives pale in comparison. Conversely, this statement implies that by applying persistence we can overcome even the most catastrophic turn of events.

“accomplished by people” : “People,” whether collectively standing together with a purpose or persisting on alone have the same abilities to overcome insurmountable odds as all other people. Impossible only exists in the mind.

“kept on trying”: This does not imply using the same tactics and strategies, but rather never stopping looking for methods to accomplish your goal.

“no hope at all”: Behind all persistence must be an unwavering faith that succeeds hope. Hope and wishes will only get you so far. The power of persistence backed with Faith will allow nothing to stand in your way. The moment unwavering faith is applied to a situation the outcome has been decided.

The only person that is defeated is the one who believes himself to be defeated. All defeat is temporary when persistence is applied. Not blind persistence like a bee running into a window, but a persistence that says no matter what I will find a way! That is where the great mixing pot of faith and persistence blend together to create the necessary opportunity and perfect solution.