Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Invincible Power to Overcome Addiction

A great amount of readers have noted to me that this blog is not realistic. First, I do not believe in realistic – realistic is another word for negative. The word “impossible” does not exist in dictionary of Living Infinitely. Purposefully I speak only of ideals. The subconscious mind takes these ideals and begins to shape your reality around them without questioning reason or “realism”, rather taking natural laws and creating life out of them. Therefore, readers should be able to come here and read an about maximizing their life without having any negative thoughts penetrating into their subconscious. However, in truly maximizing our lives it is sometimes necessary to understand the cause of our predicaments. A friend pointed out to me in the example of “The Farmer” that many individuals desire to “cut the root” but do not realize that the root is even there! The following takes one example of how even the most devastating of addictions can be conquered by omnipotent power.

Although different opinions exist, according to Dr. Leshner Summeral of the Dana Foundation generally defines addiction as: a disease, a state of psychological or physiological dependence or devotion to something manifesting as a condition in which medically significant symptoms liable to have a damaging effect are present. People can become addicted to all kinds of damaging addiction including but not limited to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, all kinds of sexual issues, work, computers, shopping, self infliction, food, and many more. The addiction can be so powerful that it completely controls a person’s actions. The individual becomes a slave to their addiction losing all will power. The brain and the body behave like robots completely subject to the seemingly impossible dependency. The reality for many with addictions is complete bondage.

There are a few realities that must settle into the mind before healing can take place. When it does the result is nothing short of astonishing! Individuals that are able to overcome the power of an addiction are imbued with a super strength enabling them to take on other obstacles in life with great ease. These individuals have conquered some of the most devastating physiological and psychological demons ever faced by humanity. The reward is WORTH more gold! I have seen enormous power coming from these individuals scarcely realized in others. The following are proven methods that will inevitably bring about results. With a powerful addiction, healing can take time. More often than not healing is experienced in periods. Most individuals will gradually feel the grip of their addiction weaken more and more and eventually completely disappear.

1. Desire to Change. Without the desire for a different way of life free of the addiction change is unfeasible. The desire for change is often brought about by love (for other people or from others). Indifference will inevitably result in failure.

2. Awareness of the True Self: The true self in you is the one that desires the change. The false sense of self is controlled by the addiction. When you say, “I need to change myself” there automatically implies two parties. The true self is the “I” behind thinking, actions, and even the addiction; it is the director and decision maker. The false self is the “robot: controlled by the addiction. The more you identify yourself - with the True Self – the self that is One with the Infinite – the less you will identify with the addiction and remain subject to it.

3. The Transformation of Desire: The mind of an addict is very strong willed. The subconscious mind is so programmed to obtain the necessary stimulus it will stop at nothing in its path. The transformation of this desire into a healthy desire that conforms with the original desire to change will imbue the new activity with great strength. The process of transforming the mind can be done with things like music, physical exercise, a hobby, business, and many other constructive rather than destructive habits.

My wish is that this post will give you the motivation to KNOW - beyond the shadow of a doubt - that the life you want to live can be obtained by ANYBODY.


Amy Goethals said...

I am impressed with this post on "The Invincible Power to Overcome Addiction." You stated, "The reality for many with addictions is complete bondage," and that is a good way to explain the inside mind of an addict. They do not see things the same way as others which can make it hard for people to understand them.
The truth is most addicts are screaming out for help, and have no way to communicate that need to others. Their emotions have been numb for so long, and finally they have to deal with society, and themselves. I believe the best advice you gave in this article was when you stated, "the awareness of the true self" is needed to overcome addiction. It is the hardest thing to my opinion...but it is needed. Very inspirational article :)


I think that anyone who overcomes addiction must have a very strong spirit. I do not think (I know from personal experience) that there can ever be anything quite so hard to overcome but if you can and you do then life has a whole new meaning and you have an appreciation for what you now have and what it took to conquer that addiction. I have seen too many wonderful people lost in addiction. It is a hard and sad issue. Great post.

Sherer said...

Thank you Amy, your comment is like music to my ears - thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you very soon.

Sherer said...

Thanks healthNut, I can't agree with you more - its almost like a test and those that pass are the ones imbued with incredible power! Interesting how problems always have a flip-side- thank for coming by

Swubird said...


If I were you I wouldn't pay any mind to those who say your posts aren't realistic. It's ridiculous. They are, so they are real.

The purpose of blogging is to do and say what ever you want to say, or do. Regarding that, it's interesting to me to read other people's posts. If they were all the same - what would be the point?

Keep up the good articles.

Happy trails.

Sherer said...

Thank you SWubird I appreciate that! and Your Right! Words of Wisdom!

JD Beaudoin said...

Excellent article Jesse. Most of the comments I agree with here especially with Swubird when he says ...I wouldn't pay any mind to those who say your posts aren't realistic. It's ridiculous. I couldn't agree more. I also agree with your summary. You must want to change...desire it...for the change to take place.

As for exchanging links...of course my friend. Feel free to list my site in your blogroll. I will do the same in mine for your site.

Sherer said...

Thanks for comin by JD! I'll add your site right away!

Bob Johnson said...

Jesse, very insightful to say the least. We are so imbedded in reality that we can't see the forest for the trees a lot of the time.

People tend to set their own limitations which they then follow blindly without thought that they have the power to make positive changes,in short they bump into the trees all day long.

Addiction is a sad state of affairs and you have given some good steps on how to tackle the problem, I've found through experience that love and understanding go a long way to helping someone find their true self, then the desire to change becomes natural and an important priority.

Worldman said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Your hint about Art Tatum recalled souvenirs from the 60ties where I had a small grammophone layer and 45 rev records. Among them was Art Tatum playing "Dark Eyes". And I might just try to find this to put on my blog. Please come back on the 5th of every month to discover a new piece of jazz. Of my liking, but I hope that people like my taste too.

Sherer said...

You absolutely right Bob, I think I may have failed to mention LOVE is probably the most powerful tool!

I just spent the weekend in Arizona - and saw some very beautiful skies. Doesnt get much better than that - thanks for stopping by.

Sherer said...


Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it - I'll set the fifth to check out your blog! That art tatum piece sounds amazing and would love to hear it. Thanks

paisley said...

being an addict who has not used drugs for nearly 15 years,, i can tell you that learning to live is way harder than getting clean...

it is the inability to live more so than any form of addiction (physical, chemical, mental, emotional) that haunts "recovered" addicts...

removing the substance,, or behavior is truly only the beginning and more often than not just the icing on the cake.

Sherer said...

Thanks paisley I apprecaite the cooments