Thursday, January 31, 2008

Power = Wealth

The source of all wealth is power. This is a very simple concept, but we often fail to realize that one is the precedent of the other. Before one is able to have great amounts of wealth, one inevitably must have a great amount of power. Most people would agree that they desire wealth but in order to sustain the wealth and to keep a constant flow of abundance in their life, they must develop a strong power from within. The two are inseparable. The follow contains a few steps on how to improve your sense of power and thus increase your wealth in equal measure.

§ Relax. Individuals with a great amount of power are not worried or anxious about anything. They let life happen with the ups and downs that inevitably come along.
§ Think big and positive. All powerful individuals think of themselves as powerful in their own right. In order to accomplish much you must have an idea about yourself and who you want to become.
§ When you sit, lounge in way that displays your power, be comfortable and attentive. Body language says much about your power.
§ Speech clearly and slowly. When you speech it is very important that your actual words, intonation, and diction all display confidence and love. Try to avoid second guessing yourself and speak the truth. Nothing is less powerful than a lair.
§ Look others in the eye. Simply looking another human being in the eye and seeing them for who they are (not who you want them to be ie. buyer, mate, ect.) will establish your personal power and aid you in your relationships.
§ Know the source of all wealth. All wealth comes from the spiritual realm that bonds together and creates our lives and being. Tap into this source through silence and prayer, the Bible says, “be still and know that I am God.”

For this next week try and concentrate on your nonverbal and verbal communication. Are you sending out a message of power and respect? Practice putting these tips into use, and you will soon find the wealth beginning to flow in.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting Better Every Day

How many times do you find yourself in a rut? Nothing you try to do seems to be going anywhere. Just when you seem to get something going, you fall into the same old trends and routines, many times the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. I am going to show you how to rid yourself of these trends and get BETTER everyday.

We see these trends happen in a variety of aspects of our live. Have you ever been in a bad relationship, then broken up with that person only to find another person who treats you even worse? How about trying to go on a diet and lose a few pounds? The average person will go strong for about 1-3 weeks only to get back to their previous weight a month down the road. We are creatures of habit; we love what is comfortable to us. This very cause is one of the number one roots of what holds us back from accomplishing our goals. Here are a few easy tips that will launch you past your unpleasant plateaus.

Change it up. Fitness experts, musicians, and scholars will tell you, the only way to get better at something is to work it from all the different angles. Fitness experts mix up their workouts, working different muscles in a wide variety of ways. Otherwise, their muscles get complacent and goals are not reached. In a similar fashion, musicians exercise difficult passages of music in a variety of ways slowing them down, speeding them up, and changing rhythm and dynamics to eventually come to a thorough understanding of the mind and memory functions need to perform the music.

Be Positive. This one is difficult, but how can you expect to get better when you shroud your expectations in negativity. Take a three-month commitment to being positive about EVERYTHING. This step will change your life I guarantee it. Stop associating with negative people, turn off negative shows (the news), and do not accept negative thought processes.

Let go of the past. The past is gone. Do not worry about it. Each day you have the potential to be who you want to be. Start a POSITIVE action plan to get there and NEVER GIVE UP at it.

The preceding are not only good ideas, but also principles that govern our being (They also make your life last longer). Here is an easy task to get you started: Have something DIFFERENT for dinner every night this week. If you go out, order something you’ve never had (better yet go to a restaurant you have never been). If you eat in, buy something different at the grocery store.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Must Visit

Life is not full if it is not full of enterainment and excitement.



You will not regret it, Jay (who goes by the pen name J Sherer)is an author featured in the science ficition religious thriller Infinite Space - Infinte God and writes some very exciting short stroies and novels. He is also my brother.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Secrets of Mind Control

Have you ever wanted to influence the mind of another person in order to persuade them? I don’t recommend doing this for harmful purposes, but it is certainly possible. I will go through a few techniques for you to try out today.

1. The most important fact to realize is that people care most about themselves. Anyone who realizes this will have an advantage on the rest of his or her associates. Most people are so busy thinking about themselves they pay no attention to who is influencing them. Realize others care more about themselves.
2. The second most important fact is that 90% (probably over 90%) of communication is done through nonverbal communication. Picture a nervous student giving a speech. They are self-conscious and entirely consumed with worrying about what others think, while the rest of the audience does not care, they are too busy worrying about themselves as well. Use your body language to display the message you are trying to convey.
3. Use the power of suggestion. Try this. Tell one friend or coworker how good they look three times throughout the day, you will notice them holding themselves better at the end of the day. Tell another friend or coworker that they look like they are getting sick. Tests have shown that after enough suggestions they will actually begin to feel sick (don’t do this one too much). Use suggestions to saturate the subconscious and influence others.
4. Drop clues through your language. If you want someone to get excited, use positive language and words that bring about excitement. Use powerful words for powerful results. Words like money, sex, death, birth, and power have strong connections to the subconscious of others. Direct others thoughts subconsciously by dropping clues through your language.
5. Use the silence to your advantage. People are generally uncomfortable with silence. Given the right moment, silence can be a powerful ally to help create the influence you desire. Give it a try. Next time you are facing a problem with someone, just give them a stare and a confident look, many times they will workout the problem on their own (parents have used this technique for years). Silence can be more powerful than sound.

Give each of these techniques a try. With practice, you will find yourself become a more powerful, attractive, and influential person in the eyes of others.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Leadership Secret

What separates the good leaders from the mediocre? What makes one leader succeed and inspire many to greatness while others continually struggle and fight to achieve any positive results? The difference may surprise you, and even slightly anger some. The difference is often the reason that person is a leader in the first place. I like to call it the leadership conundrum, and if you can rise above it, you will be on your way to greatness.

What do leaders have that followers do not? One they have an inexorable desire to succeed and be at the top of their field. They do not let failure be an option. These individuals are often wise decision makers. They call the shots, command the troops, devise amazing strategies, and often have to pave a difficult path to success. These individuals have goals. They know what their ideal vision looks like and they make progress towards it. Leaders carry a powerful aura around them that propels them further in life and influences other with their simple presence.

With all these amazing qualities, why do some leaders still struggle? They forget to employ their most powerful ally and the leadership secret. Encouragement. A little encouragement goes a long way. A simple heart-felt thank you, great job, or well done coming from an influential person can change lives.

Why do leaders fail to use this simple but extremely effective tool? The most important person in anyone’s life is right in the mirror. This applies to both the leader and the follower; it is inherent in our nature. In many cases, the leaders are so driven by their personal goals and intentions; they often forget about the emotions of others and leave encouragement behind. To be a great leader, one must not only manage personal goals and make themselves succeed, but make others feel as if they could succeed as well. Encouragement will stand the test of time and propel you and your followers to places never thought before. Your job for the week is to look for way to encourage those around you, and when they do something you like, encourage them.

Photo Courtesy of kool skat_kat

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Successful Online Businesses

With any site, it is important to have a lot of web traffic. The following are a few of my websites I have put together. Stop by have a look and get any ideas you can. You don't have to be a programming genius to run a successful website. All you need is a good web-hosting editor and the rest is easy.

There is a reason they call the internet the web. Picture it as a giant spider web. If your website is out on one lonely corner of the internet, it doesn't have a lot of connections. However, if you website is in the middle of the web, a lot more action will be caught by the web. A great way of doing this is creating links to your website. I like using directories such as these ones:

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These tips should help you get a lot of traffic to your site.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to Make Money Grow on Trees

Have you ever read about attracting money? Magically, just think about the amount of money you want and poof! There it is! Well as much as I meditate (which I truly believe in), pray (I truly believe in this too), or hope the money to come, it never seems to obey my commands. Is attracting money then a completely false concept? No, but there is more to it than simply wishing for money to come to you.

I have entitled this article thus because I would like to make money grow on trees. Wouldn’t it be great to essential have the ability to make money so easily and plentifully, like it was growing on a tree? Growing money on a tree means you have as much money as you could want, whenever you want it, abundance. I am going to tell you how. The bad news, it will take work, the good news, you can do it.

Everything in life has a cause and an effect; they are simply the natural laws that govern our existence. Our purpose, our effect, is to make money grow on trees; therefore, we need to find the cause of making money grow on trees. Does thinking very hard about money and meditating on how to acquire it cause it to grow on our trees? The answer is surprisingly yes, but there is more to it than that.

Simply thinking very hard about money will not instantly create money. The typical person will do this for some time, become discouraged and essentially create a deeper need for more money. In their desperation, more money will be desired and they will find them selves attracting exactly the opposite of what they wanted. Instead of attracting actual wealth, they have attracted the desperation of desire and love for money. Essentially, one doing this is attracting an effect by thinking of the effect.

We must attract the cause in order to establish the desired effects. What is the actual cause of creating abundance? I would argue the cause exists within our consciousness and our character. In order to create abundance, unlimited wealth, and your true desires, you must work on establishing a wealth consciousness.

Developing this wealth conscious involves two different processes one connecting with the unlimited abundance of God, and two programming your subconscious to create abundance. The first is a personal and spiritual journey, which will take place over our entire lives. The second involves reprogramming our minds to not allow for self doubt, cowardly actions, or discounting yourself in anyway. Adopt the characteristics you most admire in others, ingrain them in your mind, in your subconscious and you will become this person. Change the cause, your mind, what restricts you, and you will change the effect.
Great! So how do I make money grow on trees? Adopt a subconscious that BELIEVES and ACTS as if money comes abundantly and frequently. Change your character to your ideals, and your life will reflect these ideals and dreams. Become a person with confidence, empower other, give, and you will receive the fruits of your labor in return. Works everytime.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Ever see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Indiana’s third challenge before he is able to find the Holy Grail is to cross a giant bottomless chasm. Looking down at the abyss below, Indiana knows he needs to take a leap of faith.

This Leap of Faith is the key to success for every entrepreneur. Most people spend a lifetime of daydreaming about the entrepreneurial lifestyle because they are too afraid of this daunting first step. Instead they keep plugging along at their day job thinking “I’ll wait until the time is right, yes that is the smart thing to do.” To those who continually put off the dream, let me ask you what is more risky: possible loss of money (in many cases (OPM) other people’s money), or possible loss of the life you dream of? Without the first step, the dream will never be yours. It takes COURAGE, DETERMINATION, and DESIRE.

The moment you decide to take the step there is no turning back. However, your success is guaranteed if you have COURAGE, DETERMINATION, and DESIRE. Being human, we will have self doubt and fear, but these enemies must be dispelled. This is the only really enemy you have, if you learn to shun these irrational fears, success WILL come 100% of the time in whatever endeavor you choose. This is scientific fact not a clever message intended to inspire others (although it is my hope that it will).

The Leap of Faith is the first and most powerful blow against our enemies of fear. Look back on your life and try to remember difficult times that you overcame. In many of these circumstances you will look back and say, I wish I did not worry as much as I did. Take the step. Have FAITH. Take the step.