Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to Make Money Grow on Trees

Have you ever read about attracting money? Magically, just think about the amount of money you want and poof! There it is! Well as much as I meditate (which I truly believe in), pray (I truly believe in this too), or hope the money to come, it never seems to obey my commands. Is attracting money then a completely false concept? No, but there is more to it than simply wishing for money to come to you.

I have entitled this article thus because I would like to make money grow on trees. Wouldn’t it be great to essential have the ability to make money so easily and plentifully, like it was growing on a tree? Growing money on a tree means you have as much money as you could want, whenever you want it, abundance. I am going to tell you how. The bad news, it will take work, the good news, you can do it.

Everything in life has a cause and an effect; they are simply the natural laws that govern our existence. Our purpose, our effect, is to make money grow on trees; therefore, we need to find the cause of making money grow on trees. Does thinking very hard about money and meditating on how to acquire it cause it to grow on our trees? The answer is surprisingly yes, but there is more to it than that.

Simply thinking very hard about money will not instantly create money. The typical person will do this for some time, become discouraged and essentially create a deeper need for more money. In their desperation, more money will be desired and they will find them selves attracting exactly the opposite of what they wanted. Instead of attracting actual wealth, they have attracted the desperation of desire and love for money. Essentially, one doing this is attracting an effect by thinking of the effect.

We must attract the cause in order to establish the desired effects. What is the actual cause of creating abundance? I would argue the cause exists within our consciousness and our character. In order to create abundance, unlimited wealth, and your true desires, you must work on establishing a wealth consciousness.

Developing this wealth conscious involves two different processes one connecting with the unlimited abundance of God, and two programming your subconscious to create abundance. The first is a personal and spiritual journey, which will take place over our entire lives. The second involves reprogramming our minds to not allow for self doubt, cowardly actions, or discounting yourself in anyway. Adopt the characteristics you most admire in others, ingrain them in your mind, in your subconscious and you will become this person. Change the cause, your mind, what restricts you, and you will change the effect.
Great! So how do I make money grow on trees? Adopt a subconscious that BELIEVES and ACTS as if money comes abundantly and frequently. Change your character to your ideals, and your life will reflect these ideals and dreams. Become a person with confidence, empower other, give, and you will receive the fruits of your labor in return. Works everytime.

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