Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Increase Your Personal Economy of Scale

“As Long as you are going to be Thinking Anyway, THINK BIG.” Donald Trump

In the wonderful world of finance, economist refer to economies of scale as the point in which a company beings to grow larger thereby, decreasing the average cost per unit of items sold. The company experiences increase production and efficiency as the average cost per unit is lowered since fixed costs are shared over an increase number of goods. In other words: When goods and service can be produced at a larger scale with on average less input costs, economies of scale are achieved.

Economies of scale often allow companies to operate on a broader scale and expand the geographic territory of that company’s reach. Economies of scale also result in increased efficiency, as tasks are performed fast and with more quality. Henry Ford understood economies of scale. Henry Ford had a BIG vision for his company when he promised, “a motor car for the great multitude.” Mass production was introduced and you probably have a “motor car” or two in your garage as you read this.

The reason I bring up this economic principle is because it can be used in your personal life to your advantage or to your demise. Individuals who become “Bigger” than themselves sow the rewards of economies of scale directed toward them as an individual and reap the benefits of influence and wealth. Conversely, individuals who restrict themselves through self-limiting beliefs create a diseconomy of scale sowing the seeds of failure.

Let say Henry Ford had a bad year and he may lose over a million dollars. However, because of the economy of scale he setup within his corporation he is still a very rich man. Bad markets, economic fluctuations, and sheer misfortune do not discourage the individual who has economies of scale working for him!

I apply this to the world of business as finances, but the principle can be applied to any area of life. Persistently thinking BIG will allow you to grow in the direction of your choice. Let me give you a couple of examples of individuals who have used the economies of scale to generate a much “bigger” life.

A golfing friend of mine used to sell satellite dishes from a small office and do the installations himself. Times were tough; when the phone wasn’t ringing he was forced to work two jobs. This friend of mine started thinking BIG. Now he owns a call center that does satellite TV installations all over the nation.

Out of my cell phone store I sell holsters for various cell phones and tools. I started thinking “BIG” and created an economy of scale using the Internet. My website Ripoff Holsters Online now sells holsters from China to Switzerland.

Many very successful people are not necessarily more talented, skillful, or lucky than the next guy. However, their level of thinking allows them to soar the next level of achievement. By utilizing the law of economics and economies of scale individual can leverage themselves to levels of achievement beyond anything they ever dreamed possible.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Living Infinitely on the Outside

I like to walk on the wild side. If you have read this blog before, you know the topics are often on exploring personal achievement, motivation, the power of thought, the subconscious mind, and we dive into the spiritual realm some. Today however, we are going to go with the basic physical level of matter that makes up our bodies.

As you have heard before, our bodies are our temples. I believe there is no better way of explaining the storehouse for our spiritual development we call life. When practicing the principles I call Living Infinitely, our body plays a very important role. I could go on for days and days about how your mind, body, and even spirit benefit from having a healthy body. Instead I am going to give you a VERY SIMPLE philosophy that I personally use and it seems to work.

Eat Drink and Be Merry

Food is a blessing from God. I love food more than anyone. The tremendous amount of textures, flavors, and tastes gives us truly an abundant and enjoyable way to replenish our bodies. Here is my simple philosophy and secrets on eating.

Drink lots of water: I drink water at 95% of my meals. This is a great way to save calories. A little secret: Your food tastes better when you drink water.

If it’s healthy: Eat a good amount. This can include some great foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, and my favorite: SUSHI!

If it’s not so healthy: Don’t eat as much. Brilliant! Foods in this category I would count are many meats, breads, and many dairy products.

If it’s downright bad for you: Have just a taste. You don’t have to restrict yourself all together, but instead of eating a whole tub of ice cream, just have a spoonful or two to get the taste. This I have found is a very powerful method for dealing with those intense cravings for unhealthy food we all have.

The Feast: Many may not agree with me, but once (sometimes twice) a week, I have a feast. I over indulge in all grand meal with all the trimmings! The secret is this: you want your metabolism to work for you not against you. Eating this huge meal curbs your desires, while simultaneously reminding your metabolism work for you!

For advanced information on eating health as a life style, including tips on weight loss, health, and even some gossip, please visit my friend Heidi at Health Nut Wannabee Mom. I highly recommend it as possible the very best blog on the Internet for this type of content.

“I Come to Pump You UP!”
My exercising philosophy is almost as simple as my eating philosophy.


Walking: At very least walking a simple 20 minutes per day 5 days per week, will leave you in a good physical shape and keep the heart healthy.

Weight Training: Everyone looking to get in shape needs weight training. PERIOD. If you are a woman that wants to stay trim or a guy that just wants to be “ripped,” you WILL not gain huge body builder muscles. In fact weight training workouts tend to be somewhat more “relaxing” than intense cardio and you will continue to burn fat long after the workout.

Easy on the Cardio: Cardiovascular workouts are a great way to lose weight and burn fat, but you have to be careful not to work too hard. When your heart rate exceeds a certain rate you begin to strain your muscles and your mind burning you out very quickly. Here is how you can figure out how hard is too hard, Target Heart Rate.

Extreme: For those of you interested in extreme fitness, do what I do. I save money on a gym membership and get in great shape by doing the Power 90X. Yes, you may have seen the infomercial. I guarantee an extremely intense workout that will kick your butt and get you in amazing shape.

The most important thing, no matter how slow the progress is to continually see yourself getting better. Try to visualize yourself with your improved body in good health. When you look in the mirror do not concentrate on the things you hate, but rather the things that look damn sexy. I hope these basic guidelines will help you if this is an area of life that could use improvement on.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ghosts and Forgiveness

Looks like Jesse has finally gone off the deep end! While many readers may chuckle at the contents of this next article, I think the underlying topic is of utmost importance. Many times I try to tie in scientific, literary, and traditional concepts to convey the message I am attempting to communicate. Much of the next article is purely speculative, but non-the-less in my humblest of opinions, entirely relevant. Additionally, you may not want to become a ghost (cue the evil laughter)!

Why is forgiveness important? In perhaps the most famous sermon held atop “the mount” and documented in the New Testament, Jesus Christ speaks much of forgiveness. Many regard this as the most important teachings in the Bible. “Forgive and you will be Forgiven.” According to Hebrew tradition when Jesus says this He implies not only that other men will indeed forgive you if you forgive, but to forgive, and you will be forgiven by God.

Why do we need forgiveness especially from an omnipotent, all-loving God? Perhaps that is not the question we should be asking. Perhaps we need forgiveness from ourselves. Forgiveness is required for the remission of sin. Sin may be simply defined as missing the mark. I like to think of it as acting (or thinking) in such away that denies our Divine Father and recognition of our Spiritual individualization of the omnipotent God. Therefore, we may deduce that forgiveness is required when we miss the mark. For example, this can be easily seen when we do not fulfill our duty to another person and require forgiveness from them. We could say we missed the mark of duty to that other person or sinned against them.

Ah great Sunday school kind of material. Now lets get crazy.

Let me first of all state that I have never seen a ghost, apparition, ghoul or any other type of phantom. However, I have very close friends from the nursing industry that often report to me being visited by apparitions of their recently deceased patients. Additionally, numerous historical accounts have documented paranormal activities relating to the deceased in every nation and culture. It is not my objective, however, to prove or disprove these accounts, it is sufficient to say a great amount of evidence speaks to the existence of a spiritual realm in which these ghosts reside.

These realms I cannot describe to you, though I would love to speculate of their properties. However, I believe that as we pass on, our body may die, but our state of consciousness continues on. Therefore, whenever we “miss the mark” we allow ourselves to become separated from the universal principle of Unity with the Infinite. Could a ghost be the embodiment of a soul in some state seperated from the Infinite Source not embrassing its true nature? I don’t know if there is a continuum to this level of separateness, but I do know that the Infinite operates with Love, which we cannot forever separate ourselves from.

Could this by why spirits linger in the earthly realm? What keeps these passed beings in their state of separation? Could perhaps a longing to for forgiveness from something, someone, or themselves motivate them from continuing onto greater levels of conscious existence? The mystery remains.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bailout, Election, and Social Revolution

We live in tumultuous times. The government of our fine country calls for a financial bailout (or rescue) package, the coming election promises change to the nation, and the world sits on the edge of their seat in anticipation. The consequences are not limited to the United States of America as the world economy hangs in the balance as well. The emotions of the world teeter on a thread. Americans are losing their homes, their jobs, and their peace of mind. The world calls for a new ways of commerce, human interaction, and peace. The revolution has begun; the world may never be the same!

The social revolution I speak of is the beginning of a new value proposition that individuals, corporations, and even governmental bodies must embrace. Now more than ever we must come together and realize that money is nothing but innate matter! True commerce exists in the exchanging of value, or the conversion of raw materials, thereby adding value. The world is in a state that we must change our idea of what we think as valuable.

Values the New Revolution must embrace:

1. Honesty: In our world of commerce honest is not valued. In fact many successful companies acquire great wealth based upon lies and deception. Much of the current financial situation we are in is based upon lack of honest and forthright information traded between companies and organizations. Our value proposition needs to change from admiring the businesses’ shrewd in deceit, to admiring the most honest and reliable companies. Truth and honesty ensure freedom.

2. Wisdom: In the space age of technology information becomes supreme. However, without wisdom to evaluate and disseminate the information, that information can become a dangerous weapon. Our society has lost respect for our elders, the unchanging principles that guide commerce, and the virtue of patience. Only by a change in values will we be able to transform our information into wisdom.

3. Spiritual Power: Unity comes through recognition of the Spirit. Our modern day and age has found itself with a new found interest in spirituality. The fuel to this spiritual fire will only grow as men and women once again begin to understand the bond power behind all things. Individual power, corporate power, and organizational power can only be individualized through the recognition of the universal.

4. Faith: “Faith is the element which transforms the ordinary vibration of thought created by the finite mind of man, into the spiritual equivalent (Napoleon Hill).” Our society has lost the value of what faith means. Religious organizations have long told us to have faith, but do not instruct us on how to do so. Dr. Hill here explains that faith is combined with our thoughts in a powerful collaboration that imbues us with spiritual power. Our society must become one that values statements of faith, thoughts imbued with faith, and individuals strengthen by their great unwavering faith.

Beautiful symbolic picture by Wallyg