Thursday, October 16, 2008

Living Infinitely on the Outside

I like to walk on the wild side. If you have read this blog before, you know the topics are often on exploring personal achievement, motivation, the power of thought, the subconscious mind, and we dive into the spiritual realm some. Today however, we are going to go with the basic physical level of matter that makes up our bodies.

As you have heard before, our bodies are our temples. I believe there is no better way of explaining the storehouse for our spiritual development we call life. When practicing the principles I call Living Infinitely, our body plays a very important role. I could go on for days and days about how your mind, body, and even spirit benefit from having a healthy body. Instead I am going to give you a VERY SIMPLE philosophy that I personally use and it seems to work.

Eat Drink and Be Merry

Food is a blessing from God. I love food more than anyone. The tremendous amount of textures, flavors, and tastes gives us truly an abundant and enjoyable way to replenish our bodies. Here is my simple philosophy and secrets on eating.

Drink lots of water: I drink water at 95% of my meals. This is a great way to save calories. A little secret: Your food tastes better when you drink water.

If it’s healthy: Eat a good amount. This can include some great foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, and my favorite: SUSHI!

If it’s not so healthy: Don’t eat as much. Brilliant! Foods in this category I would count are many meats, breads, and many dairy products.

If it’s downright bad for you: Have just a taste. You don’t have to restrict yourself all together, but instead of eating a whole tub of ice cream, just have a spoonful or two to get the taste. This I have found is a very powerful method for dealing with those intense cravings for unhealthy food we all have.

The Feast: Many may not agree with me, but once (sometimes twice) a week, I have a feast. I over indulge in all grand meal with all the trimmings! The secret is this: you want your metabolism to work for you not against you. Eating this huge meal curbs your desires, while simultaneously reminding your metabolism work for you!

For advanced information on eating health as a life style, including tips on weight loss, health, and even some gossip, please visit my friend Heidi at Health Nut Wannabee Mom. I highly recommend it as possible the very best blog on the Internet for this type of content.

“I Come to Pump You UP!”
My exercising philosophy is almost as simple as my eating philosophy.


Walking: At very least walking a simple 20 minutes per day 5 days per week, will leave you in a good physical shape and keep the heart healthy.

Weight Training: Everyone looking to get in shape needs weight training. PERIOD. If you are a woman that wants to stay trim or a guy that just wants to be “ripped,” you WILL not gain huge body builder muscles. In fact weight training workouts tend to be somewhat more “relaxing” than intense cardio and you will continue to burn fat long after the workout.

Easy on the Cardio: Cardiovascular workouts are a great way to lose weight and burn fat, but you have to be careful not to work too hard. When your heart rate exceeds a certain rate you begin to strain your muscles and your mind burning you out very quickly. Here is how you can figure out how hard is too hard, Target Heart Rate.

Extreme: For those of you interested in extreme fitness, do what I do. I save money on a gym membership and get in great shape by doing the Power 90X. Yes, you may have seen the infomercial. I guarantee an extremely intense workout that will kick your butt and get you in amazing shape.

The most important thing, no matter how slow the progress is to continually see yourself getting better. Try to visualize yourself with your improved body in good health. When you look in the mirror do not concentrate on the things you hate, but rather the things that look damn sexy. I hope these basic guidelines will help you if this is an area of life that could use improvement on.

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Bob Johnson said...

Lol, true story Jesse , just finished a bowl of ice cream.

I like coming here, never know what's instore, this time some great advice on eating and exercising.

We are getting a gym in our mall soon, will be looking at getting a membership, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy Bob.

Anonymous said...

Trust you to have an alternative take on food and fitness. Interesting post. Now, I know chocolate is bad for me - but you see, I can't just have a taste (!)

Actually I read somewhere that there are chemicals in chocolate that are GOOD for you. Sorted! Red wine gets the thumbs up too (!)

Sherer said...

Excellent! I love ice cream. We have to mix it up here - who knows what is next.... perhaps something about music tied into "Living Infinitely".


Sherer said...

Chocolate is actually not that bad for you according to one of my favorite sites: Healthnut Wannabee Mom!

Check it out! I am sure you will love it.

Thanks for coming by.


Caroline said...

Great post. I like the idea of a Feast once a week! I do try to keep my body healthy...thankfully I am not a junk food addict. I try to eat minimally processed foods and very little red meat. I always feel horrible if I eat junk! My weakness is refined carbs! I could eat bread at every meal!

Sherer said...

Yeah bread is great, and if you have ever been to europe they have some AMAZING pastries and things that are just terrible for you. Thank you for the comment as usual.

Some have been commenting that this is not my normal self! Not the normal blog they expect. I guess a surprise post every now and then is good


ahhhhhh-one more reason I have to stop eating all that chocolate. I know it makes my spirit less alive (really). I love reading your blog. You always interest me and I leave feeling so much better.

Sherer said...

Thanks Heidi,

Not my forte, but hopefully many will be refered to your blog from this post. Thanks for stopping by.