Saturday, December 1, 2007

Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

With the holidays upon us, I have decided to address the issue of giving and receiving. Our interactions in life are based upon the principles of giving and receiving. Every contact we have with another human being in this life revolves around our practice and exchange of these principles. Take for example, the last time you were mad at someone. You may have yelled at them, called them an unpleasant name, or perhaps ignored them. Their reaction was to retaliate by yelling back, physically hurting you, or ignoring you. This may cause both individuals days to spiral in a negative way. Soon more negative interactions are caused, as you find yourself yelling at other people for no apparent reason. The cycle continues until someone chooses to reverse the process. This exchange did not profit the world any.

Lets take another basic, more pleasant example. Recall last time you gave someone a gift, let say you gave your nephew a new bicycle. The exchange made you feel a warm happy feeling for giving a boy a nice gift. Your nephew felt very excited to have something new to play with. Additionally, on a deeper level, when you purchased the bicycle you had an interaction with the sales man at the bicycle store, who in-turn spent the money in our revolving economy. The retail sector of the economy was effected, which affected the government sector and the GDP of the country, in turn, affecting the foreign trade policy, and in essence the entire world. Therefore, through this one exchange, the ripple effects of the interaction are universal. This is the ultimate truth of every interaction we have – giving or receiving.

There is, however, a choice involved with every exchange. Lets say your nephew was very popular and had already received several bicycles from adoring relatives. He may act in a selfish way, ignore your gift, and throw it away hurting your feelings. Through this act of selfishness in receiving, he does not give GRATITUDE in return. The ripple effect is universal.

Which brings me to my point. GIVING and RECEIVING are equally important. Without one, there is no other. In order to receive good gifts from people, we must give good gifts to people. In order to receive money, we must be willing to give money. Everything in life involves and revolves around this continuous and beautiful exchange. If the flow of energy is interrupted the opposite effect can occur. Various cultures have labeled this concept differently such as KARMA, or the GOLDEN RULE. Jesus, in the sermon “on the mount,” states GIVE and it will be given to you, FORGIVE and you will be forgiven.

When you receive something, you are essentially giving back. Giving can be in the form of GRATITUDE, BLESSING, THANKS, or any other form of giving you would to impart.

Sounds great, but what do I do with it? Take these words into account, and let them sink into your subconscious mind. Here are a few key principles. I use these principles everyday, and not only does it enrich my life, but it helps those around me even more.

Every-time you interact with another person, Give them everything you have. You will be great rewarded more times over than you gave.

When you meet someone new, silently bless them, you will sense they can feel it. Send them a silent prayer that communicates to them love. This may seem ridiculous, but trust me, it truly works in amazing ways.

Pay attention to the needs of others, and you will in-turn receive all you ever wanted.

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