Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why Believe in God?

A Case for You

Let’s start at the beginning. When the so - called “big bang” occurred the universe was the meager size of a subatomic particle. Before this, and why this subatomic unit spontaneously expanded into the universe we know today is unknown to modern science. What caused unprompted and dynamic creation? For what purpose did this happen, was it an accident, a random event, or even a supernatural event that cannot be explained? What set this amazing event we call life in motion? And finally why does this mean anything for you and me?

Quite simply, it means everything. If it were possible to decipher the purpose of this grand series of event, the great mysteries of life would be explained. The purpose of this article is to take various aspects of philosophy, science, and known laws that govern our existence and reveal how they can dramatically affect our life. Therefore join me on a quest to discover what life means, and how we can use these principles to live affluent, healthy, and abundant lives. I promise that through DEDICATION and application of these various fundamental principles, you WILL be on your way to vast amounts of knowledge, wealth, amazing relationships, and whatever else your heart truly desires.

Where do we begin our mission to unveil the mysteries of life, wealth, and love? I believe we must first acknowledge and put faith in GOD, the Infinite Intelligence, the Alpha and Omega, the Supreme Being, or whatever other name you would like to use. Without this fundamental element of faith, we have nothing. Science explains everything from fractions of a second after the “big bang” to the dying of stars and the ultimate extinction of our universe. However it does not explain the fundamentals of our existence. Even modern physics points to an eleventh dimension completely unknown to us in order to complete its mathematic building block of how our existence scientifically works. The answer to these questions simply cannot be found by looking to science. Then you may ask, why should I seek something that does not exist within our scientific realm?

Life is inevitably full of ups and downs, businesses succeed and fail, people fall in love and out of it, good days and bad days happen to everybody. Therefore, ultimately looking for fulfillment in life through ANY medium that can fail will inevitably do so. If you enjoy constant struggle, disappointment, and the ultimately finite life, feel free to put your faith in something other than the Infinite. However, seek the Infinite and you will learn how to harness the magnificent powers of creating the life of which you have always dreamed.

Therefore, why do we believe in God? Believe in God enables our lives to become more than we could think possible. It takes us out of the physcial reality and into the spiritual. It seperates our ups and downs and creates a post for us to always lean on. It explains the infinty of our universe and talks aoubt were life in all forms comes.

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