Tuesday, December 4, 2007


There are two people you know very well. Better than anyone else in fact. Most people know one better than the other. Most people do what the one tells them more than the other. Most people behave in a way more like the one tells them to behave. The two people are you.

Look deep inside yourself. You will see the two people for who they are. One of these people is the hero in your life. You saw them when you graduated high school, when you gave that excellent speech, when you finally stood-up to your demeaning friend, when you hit the homerun on your softball team. This individual is everything you dream about being – who you want to be – the IDEAL SELF. This person is capable of achieving anything – making millions of dollars – becoming famous around the world -- helping thousands – and any other form of greatness than hides itself as one of our desires.

The other person your likely to see (and most see them too often) is the non-idea self. This self is weak and pessimistic. This self constantly makes bad decisions, backs down, says this will be too difficult, and ultimately gives up on life. This self is in constant state of failure. Just as strongly as you can feel your triumphant self in good times, this self echoes the failures of your life and constantly reminds you of where you should be. This guy is decidedly realistic (which really means negative) and set boundaries on where it decides your life should be. It fences off your dreams and says those are not for you, you’re not capable of those. And so we listen to this guy. He helps “shape” our life letting us accomplish exactly what we think we should accomplish. Constantly settling for less this self tells us the other self does not exist and everything they do is an element of luck.

Thus we live, in the battle that our two selves have. Ninety percent of people let the second self win ninety percent of the time. Creating a mundane uninteresting life with a few “moments” of luck driven greatness. They let the great self out only in the rarest of circumstances or in certain activities that they happen to feel comfortable with. This is the great TRUTH that separates a minority of the population that “seem” destined for greatness no matter what they.

The fundamental principle applies; who we BELIEVE we are on the inside will manifest itself on the outside. Lets name a few qualities of great people – of any great person that has ever lived.

Full of Faith

It takes courage to be great. The inside qualities are what count. If you had no fear, what would you do differently in your life? Ninety percent of all reading this will still live in fear. However, the more we overcome this fear and live with COURAGE the more our dreams WILL come true. In this life many have adopted the philosophy that greatness comes with luck of the draw, and that greatness may luckily stumble upon them someday. This will never happen.

The good news is: a small change in thinking WILL lead to an enormous change in results. Work on changing the inner qualities of how you think, how you think about yourself, and what you can accomplish in life. Believe anything is possible and it will be readily available.

The attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts we carry are the causes of our life; the things we do are the effects. Many people believe that their lives are going wrong, therefore they go from one effect to another, but the cause does not change. For example, in my own life I went through a difficult time searching for a job and a career I would enjoy. I went from one line of work to the next – inevitably being unhappy with my life and what I was doing. A friend of my gave me some of the best advice I have ever received, he said, “you will never find the career you want, you have to create it.” I took his advice and started my own business. What really changed was not my job or the activities I was doing, but my attitude.

It takes tremendous courage to defeat the non-ideal self. It often goes against beliefs we have held since we were very young. However, the fact that you are still reading this shows you are already on your way and understand the necessary fundamentals of what make us who we are. Indeed we create our own destinies, the challenge is there, will you accept it?

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