Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fisherman

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John said...

A great story, Jesse. For a variation go to

They say great minds think alike!
(But nobody knows who "they" are!)


I love how you tell these stories. I say this everytime but I feel like I am sitting there with you and you are talking to me. Great point to!! I really enjoyed this. What is in the background? Is that like an office or store?

Sherer said...


Yes I must admit I heard a variation of it somewhere - I was just spreading the love! The farmer was an original - but i am sure someone has told something similar! Thanks John.


Sherer said...


Thanks for the kind words! I feel honored you feel as if your there - that is how I imagine it even though i am talking to a small camera.

That is my cell phone store/office - pretty much where i spend 50 hours a week - i need to listen to my own story hahaha.


Bob Johnson said...

Lol, never heard this before, sure rings true.

Caroline said...

I have heard this story before and love it...why work so hard for so many years to make millions and retire when you are living that life now. It is such a great reminder to all of us. I feel like the farmer now. Maybe I don't have millions, but I have lot's of time to spend with my family w/o stress. It's nice...really nice! No need to create a fishing empire ;)

Sherer said...


Yes sir - its a good one- Cheers


Sherer said...


Thanks for the comments - I think some billionaires are really very poor. (not that driving a lambo down rodeo drive is not kinda fun)


miruspeg said...

Aaahh this Irish fisherman sure was a wise man.
I retired early because I was accumulating too much money.
Now most of my time is spent volunteering and I haven't been happier.
All the best

Sherer said...

Mirus Peg,

Ah an excellent real life example! I would love to hear more about your story. Thank you so very much for stopping by.


Jientje said...

I enjoyed listening to this story, and it's so true! I'll never own a fishing empire, or the millions to go with it, but at least I can enjoy what I do have!

Sherer said...


Hey there is nothing wrong with a fishing empire! But I think the point is clear. Glad you liked the story


Healingstones said...

I love that story. It says to me - live life NOW! You need to have a balance in your life. There is a saying that goes (something like) "What is life if you don't have time to smell the flowers?" Have you heard that one?

There is also a saying by Rumi (I think) which is "Spend half your money on bread and half on roses" The same kind of sentiment.

Sherer said...

Healing Stones,

Exactly, what is life if you don't have time to smell the flowers. One thing I really think is funny about this blog is that most of the regular readers - at least those that tend to comment - seem to get it.

I really appreciate your words, thanks for stopping by.