Friday, September 5, 2008


by Pablo De Leon

Here at Living Infinitely, I usually like to write my own work and convey my understanding of principles that have either worked for me, or at least make sense. However, sometimes other people in my life convey a principle or a practice that can only be said in their own words. Pablo De Leon, CEO of TGA truck driving school presented me with this essay. Pablo De Leon is a great man and business leader, with a tremendous imaginative mind. I have admired his ability to take ideas and create them into something truly wonderful. Here he writes on Creating your Reality.

Is it possible that we are a result of we have thought and continue to think? According to the teachings of Buddha we are exactly what we think, but many have gone through the journey of life without truly understanding what this concept means. The statement does not imply that we are every thought that travels through our daily minds, but rather, the thoughts that are utterly repeated within our minds that create a subconscious train of thought that eventually transmutates into our past and current realities.

Speak to someone who finds him/herself in a state of "failure" and listen to the words that they speak. Take note that these words are not consciously thought out, but are subconsciously given to construct the sentences and statements they convey to others. You will often hear, “Life is too hard and full of unexpected circumstances that are beyond my control” or the famous, “I will never find happiness here.” Sadly, one must begin to understand that this is what they truly believe inside and what they ultimately create in their reality! Before their own eyes, they begin to mold and shape their current reality by the thoughts that are constantly repeated. A term that has been defined as AUTO-SUGGESTIONS, in which the mixture of emotion, belief, and thought paves way to our reality. Through the conscious mind, we use auto-suggestions to transmit our conscious thoughts into subconsicous habits.

We all posses the same power and capability to create our reality, yet most will still doubt the power that is so easily manipulated. Where are you in life? Take a brief moment to note where your thoughts are too. You will begin to realize that they work in unison, thought and reality, to create a life that you either dislike, are content with, or truly enjoy. Remember, you are in complete control of the reactions to your circumstances and how you ultimately create your reality through thought backed by belief!

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Caroline said...

Really needed to read this today. I am wearing my favorite says: "what you think you become" Buddha.

Thank you for this great reminder...can never hear it enough!

Sherer said...

Caroline, thank you. I particularly enjoyed that too. Sounds like a fantastic necklace. This article to me, continually challenges the way I think about reality.

Bob Johnson said...

Very insightful, a good pick Jesse, I mentioned you in my latest post.


It is weird because I absolutely 100 percent believe that what we think creates our reality but why can't I think great things most of the time? I know this is true and follow it a lot but then there are those times that my thoughts sure create much havoc. I loved this post. BTW I will mail your book later this week. So excited you won!!!!

Sherer said...


Excellent! I will check it out my friend.

Sherer said...


A very interesting question you ask. Why can't I think great things all the time.

I would suggest that we can't do that mostly because of the collective state of humanities consciousness. Our minds have essentially collectively evolved to their current status as a whole in society and can't quite relate to what its was like to be eternal. I know its kind of a funky (new-age -ish) answer, but it seems to make sense.

Our purpose here in life is growth and fundamentally must be so. Therefore, if if our spirit knew we didn't have to grow through the human experience, why would we be here?

Thanks for the great question.



Hi! You don't have to post this but I wanted to let you know that I shipped your book today. I hope you enjoy it and I also wanted to say thank you for always stopping by and saying hello on my blog. I always enjoy your comments.

Sherer said...


Thank you very much, can't wait to read the book!

Swubird said...

Words reminiscent of the power of positive thinking. And I truly believe that our thoughts control who we are. It's our thoughts that separates us from failure, makes us a winner, or dooms us to failure.

Happy trails.

Sherer said...


Thanks for coming by. Indeed! very similar to the Norman Vincent Pearl Classic the Power of Positive Thinking. Interestingly enough I do not believe Mr. De Leon has read that book!


Sidharth said...

Actually Caroline, "what you think you become is" is Solomon's quote from Proverbs in the Bible. Its more like "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he".

Anyway, Jesse, the truth is ideas rule the world. ideas are even more powerful than death, i.e. A person's idea can affect humanity even after his/her death. Most of the world is now governed by Greeks. The idea of democrata(from which the democracy finds its origin) comes from Philosophers like Plato and Aristotle.

Before a product comes out, it is an idea in the mind of a person.

This is how God's system works. He is source of this principle. Gods idea is His Word. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among men. His name is Jesus. He is God's Ultimate.