Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To be God, or not to be?

When dealing with the concept I call Living Infinitely and the principles set forth, there arises an important distinction that must be made and is of critical importance. In “The Connection to the Infinite” I wrote, “The True Self is of pure spiritual nature.” The true self spoken of is connected with all others in the universe through the Spirit or the Universal Mind. The idea of separateness does not exist and the omnipresence of Spirit blankets the universe. We find that by living from this level of the soul we find peace and harmony in our lives. Having the capacity to be connected to the infinite, the question arises are we essentially gods?

Being connected to the realm of spirit, living from the level of the soul, or what some may call conscious living has proven to derive purpose in our lives. The coincidences that shape our lives, our best ideas, and the web that connects us with others are originated in this realm of Spirit. Our true identity can be found in this realm. The essence of every living being has been originated in this eternal realm that exists far beyond our very thoughts. This idea of true consciousness goes beyond even our names and the labels we place on objects in our lives.

This train of thought has lead many people astray as they begin to find the Truth about life. Many have come to the conclusion that they are GOD. Take the following statement:

I Am God.

There exists a fundamental error in the verbiage of the preceding statement. If one were to state I am God, this implies two things. One that I am God and you may not be implying superiority. Two, it limits God by using the word “God” and I in the same sentence. True Omnipotence cannot be limited to I. In the Old Testament, God says it correctly when stating simply, “I Am.”

While the preceding statement does not make sense from a fundamental point of view it does not have practical application either. The very act of someone stating, “I Am God”, nearly always implies ego is at work. Anything originating as a result of our own ego can only end in suffering if it is prioritized in our life. The habit of seeing yourself as God then is a destructive ideal to hold in your mind.

There comes great power in knowing that you are subject to the realm of Spirit not in control of it. It is a subtle difference but an all-important one. How then are we to think ourselves in relation to all that precedes existence? To think of oneself as a Child of God would be a more accurate description, although possibly misleading. I believe the poet and spiritual master Rumi said it best.

“I am a hole in the flute that the Christ’s breath blows through. Listen to this music.”

Special thanks to zombizi for that frightening image.


Bob Johnson said...

"I am a hole in the flute that the Christ's breath blows through. Listen to this music" Powerful statement, first time I heard this.

Unfortunately most don't think or live in the spiritual realm, where all the action is, we are to busy collecting material possessions and trying to get to the top in the material world, very sad, we have to focus more on that area, like you said that is where our true identity may be found.

I clicked on the who is God link, got an error.


Yes, I agree with you on this. i try to be spiritual and need to work on it more. I feel uncomfortable with antone saying they are God.

Sherer said...

THanks Bob, appreciate the comments. Yes, that is one of my favorite quotes, its really a beautiful metaphor. Thanks for the link notification too.

Sherer said...

Healthnut, thanks for the comment. I felt the need to write this post, because I see in some spiritual teaching this elemenary line being crossed. I understand the view point and the power behind personal belief, but I do have a problem with limiting God.

The Muse said...

Spectacular! I actually read through several of your posts.

I love this: The coincidences that shape our lives, our best ideas, and the web that connects us with others are originated in this realm of Spirit.

I will be back for more...

Sherer said...

Thanks the muse, I appreciate the comments!

Sidharth said...

"I Am Who I Am" or YHWH. Could be also translated as "He is" or "He will be". It refers to the Being of God.

"He will be" what you are in need of at that present moment.

YHWH Shalom, He is your peace
YHWH Rapha, He is your health.

Abba births in us a spirit that can operate like Him. Remember the word Abba is a function oriented name meaning "source, sustainer....". In my language the word for it is "ulavaayathu", there is no Greek or Hebrew word to explain that. The closest would be just "being born of". This is what it means to have eternal life. Eternal life isnt quanitative, it is qualitative....God-kind of life. You start operating like Him. How is that? Through faith. Faith is much more than just "having faith in someone", faith is the mode God operates in. He calls things that are not as though they were. This is how we are called to walk....not by earth-bound senses, but by faith.

So though we are born of His nature, we do not become Him. In other words He doesnt merge with us, He unites. He covenants....His Spirit moves into ours and ours into His.

I think you should be careful in using terms like "True Self". They are terms that comes from my religion, Hinduism. They have an appearance of wisdom, but we step into dangerous ground there.