Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking for the Answers

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am back. I apologize for all loyal readers. I had tried to post 3 really cool video posts (with graphics and everything) yet they failed to post, for a reason I am uncertain. I have created two new websites and been things have been generally crazy at the business! Bad economy what? I leave you with my homecoming post.

Why does it seem that whenever we are struggling to find the answers to our problems and difficulties in life we seem to bring about either:

1. More problems and difficulties of greater significance.
2. A different type of problem of difficulty

How many times has worrying about a particular issue or problem actually increased the difficulty of the problem? More often we actually replace a specific problem or difficulty with an entirely different issue to be upset about. Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.”

We must then trace our results back to their source. The answers we seek or shall I say the cause of our most demoralizing failures is a result of looking for different effects among effects. However, many fail to see the actual cause of the situations they find themselves in. If you can begin to understand and change the CAUSE of the situations present in your life you can at once begin to take control change the effects.

Our current situations are mostly the result of our habitual mindset. The subconscious motives that dominate our lives tend to reoccur and repeat themselves. Many of us have been programmed to think in a specific way from a very young age, engaging in all kinds of limiting self-beliefs and negative states of mind. These patterns can become very destructive. Unfortunately, the programming of negative states of mind is not voluntary.

Our error comes from looking on the outside for these answers. Trace back the steps any material object or manifestation to its essential cause. You will find that all originate from one source. This ONE source is a spiritual source and the source of all power. It is not presently my purpose to describe this source, however, the earnest student of the mind will find that our means of interacting with the source comes from our ability and free will to think.

Therefore, when searching for our answers let us first examine our habitual modes of thinking. This is where our will power will play an important role. It is not our will power’s job to make our desire come about by playing with different effects, but to change our method of thinking. The answer you already know, you just have to convince yourself of this.

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You're back! I thought you were done! Oh happy day...I am doing a little dance in my chair. Ok, let me take a moment to compose myself before responding... ahem...

I can relate to this...and I am working very hard on breaking the cycles of It's hard for me to uncover the true source of my fears or worries. Honestly, I am not even sure if I am able to fully do that. For me it's not about figuring out the source, but rather just letting go. When my mind starts going down that path of "you can't" or "you don't deserve," I just try to stop in my tracks and say...Yes I can!

Welcome back!

miruspeg said...

Welcome back Jesse, you have been missed but certainly not forgotten!

You have written an excellent post in showing the way how we can tackle our subconscious minds.

I am embarking upon the very slow process of emptying my mind of all unwanted subconscious impressions and tendencies: the weeds. It is almost an impossible task; almost but not totally impossible. I am finding it is possible to change the contents of mind by sowing new seeds that will replace the weeds.

I am starting to fill my mind with noble thoughts by practicing meditation and studying philosophy.

Once again welcome back and look forward to reading more of your insightful posts.


Swubird said...


You have hit upon an ancient problem - bad thoughts bring bad results. We all suffer form this malady, and it's about as hard to kick as a bad smoking habit, or alcoholism. In fact, it's too bad there isn't a Bad Thoughts Anonymous organization with a 12-step program to achieve a more healthy thought process. I'm sure it would be popular. Until then, your post serves to remind all of us that the solutions to our problems are most likely to be found in the way we think.

Well done.

Happy trails.

Sherer said...


Thank you very much its good to be back. Hopefully I can get back to posting like once a week or so.

Interesting enough you and Miss Peggy both had the idea of "letting go." Very interesting. It seems the cause of our difficults is probably largely due to this "holding on."

Great to hear from you.


Sherer said...

Miss Peggy,

Pleasure to hear from you as always. I share your passion, it seems to be an endless jounrey of constantly "knowing thy self." What we really are all about. However, I would argue although the task is difficult, I would have no other way to live!



Sherer said...


Great to hear from you my friend. I completely agree. I like that bad thoughts annoynoumous. I believe Mr Dale Carnegie has some programs that are similar to this in many ways - and from what I understand fetches a nice dollar from the members.


Anonymous said...

Clearing negatve thought patterns is a long process but so worth it. It is like peeling an onion - you get rid of one and then you notice a deeper one. Everything has to go!

Glad to see you back here! :o)

Sherer said...


Ah I like the onion simile. It all comes down to us having choice and free will. Pretty cool if you ask me. Great to see you.


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