Thursday, January 31, 2008

Power = Wealth

The source of all wealth is power. This is a very simple concept, but we often fail to realize that one is the precedent of the other. Before one is able to have great amounts of wealth, one inevitably must have a great amount of power. Most people would agree that they desire wealth but in order to sustain the wealth and to keep a constant flow of abundance in their life, they must develop a strong power from within. The two are inseparable. The follow contains a few steps on how to improve your sense of power and thus increase your wealth in equal measure.

§ Relax. Individuals with a great amount of power are not worried or anxious about anything. They let life happen with the ups and downs that inevitably come along.
§ Think big and positive. All powerful individuals think of themselves as powerful in their own right. In order to accomplish much you must have an idea about yourself and who you want to become.
§ When you sit, lounge in way that displays your power, be comfortable and attentive. Body language says much about your power.
§ Speech clearly and slowly. When you speech it is very important that your actual words, intonation, and diction all display confidence and love. Try to avoid second guessing yourself and speak the truth. Nothing is less powerful than a lair.
§ Look others in the eye. Simply looking another human being in the eye and seeing them for who they are (not who you want them to be ie. buyer, mate, ect.) will establish your personal power and aid you in your relationships.
§ Know the source of all wealth. All wealth comes from the spiritual realm that bonds together and creates our lives and being. Tap into this source through silence and prayer, the Bible says, “be still and know that I am God.”

For this next week try and concentrate on your nonverbal and verbal communication. Are you sending out a message of power and respect? Practice putting these tips into use, and you will soon find the wealth beginning to flow in.

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