Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Best of Living Infinitely

Ah come on Jess where is the originality here! Your like a burnt out artist on VH1. In honor of my new side bar - the most popular articles - I would like to present you with the BEST OF LIVING INFINITELY! Some have received good response comments wise, with others I have received meaningful e-mails from people looking for more discussion, and some I just really like. The Top 5.

5. Subconscious Cruise Control - Its got some great piano playing - this is my ego pick.

4. The Receiveing Station - A powerful article about what we let into our heads. We often watch what we eat, but do we watch what we thinking or what others let us think?

3. The Farmer - The farmer emerged out of the blue one night when discussing the effects negative influence can have on our life. Its a powerful exmaple and one of my favorite posts.

2. Thoughts of Actions - Very comprehensive looks at a much talked about subject in the "motivational commmunity."

1. The Law of Opportunity - Written by myself and colleauge Pablo De Leon, I consider this one of my most original, inspiring, and important pieces of work.

Very thought provoking original video and post coming up!

Beautiful Picture by Miss Caroline.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Time for Artists

The winds of change sweep across the country knocking down stock tickers, blowing down banks, and take away the homes of the citizens. The country's cries are heard echoing around the world suffering in a financial hurricane. With our broken system, the individual is left with nothing to hold onto but hope.

A change can be seen in a man faced with dark times. His shoulders droop, his eyes gaze toward the ground, and a stir of uneasiness dwells in his belly. Economic uncertainty is not only a reality of life style change, but also a distinctive emotion that reaches the heart and spirit.

This fierce enemy of uncertainty expresses itself in the form of fear. Thoughts of lack, limitation, and desperation are the byproduct, only leading to more of the same. The mind filled with doubt makes poorer decisions, and instructs the body with less confidence as it sinks deeply into the seat of the subconscious.

In light of these difficulties, I call upon the power of the ARTIST. The artist alone contains the ability to connect another human being to the power of creativity and the awe of the infinite. The artist shares a bond with the Infinite Intelligence I can only hope to faintly convey with words.

Men and women of today are not beings of pure logic, but creatures of emotion. Thinking positive thoughts can have no outward effect unless it is energized with the power of emotion. The artist speaks to this side of the thought process. Whether the artist’s message is negative or positive (both have their appropriate usage), the observer and the artist themselves come in touch with this powerful tool of change.

More than anyone else the artist is able to connect with the infinite creative power of the Ether. In the finest works of art the observer and the artist alike may readily catch a glimpse of the Divine. The times are indeed a blessing in disguse as the creative enegry that will be necessary to emerge will show us all how strong we really are. Therefore, my friends take up your pen, paintbrush, camera, crayon, computer, dancing shoes, and your voice and let it be heard. With the artist there is hope.

Picture entitled The of the Winds of Change by monkeyleader.