Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paying your Bills and Changing Your Life

Very interesting picture by Keerthi

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A word of Gratitude

My friends,

I apologize for not being up on the old blogging front - Truth is, I have been working on some surprises for the readers, but its going to take some time. Therefore, I wanted to take some time to express some GRATITUDE toward the blogs that I enjoy reading, you may find you enjoy them yourself.

SWUbird's Nest: I just got finished reading a hilarious story from SWUbird's Nest. This briliant blog features simple original stories from the life of the blogger. A personl blog you can't pass up.

The Zen in You: A blog in similar fashion to mine with a specialization in Spiritual living. You will grow from reading this blog which is updated frequently with helpful posts.

The Cody Word: The capitalist in side me enjoys reading this financial blog. I am not a very political kind of guy, but i enjoy the good stock picks, humorous commentary, and financial advice.

Blackholes and Astrostuff:: If you enjoy astronomy like I do (even if you don't), this is the blog for you. Humorous stories, great astro pics, and updates on everything astronomy.

StoneWeaver: Looking for something different? Check out stoneweaver. This facinating site is all about the stones of the Earth. A great site if you are interested in learning about something different - and yet very important.

Albino Kraken:: One of my favorite art blogs. Very different - very good.

Babe Of Business: Excellent blog for the world of business.

Happy Blog Hunting - I thank my readers with the most gratitude I can offer them -

Additionally, I would like us all to give all of our GRATITUDE to our VETERANS. God Bless.

Great picture by G.MAI